Friday, 2 May 2008

Something noshy at home and away

We had a great day out on Saturday with my girls noshing all afternoon at the Real food festival at Earls court. Basically it was just a huge and wonderful farmers market! I had the most amazing juice made from beetroot apple and lime and must remember to make some at home.

My favourites were there like ; Burnt Sugar (norty drool sugary moment Dr GMc look away now) and Oliver Rowes Konstam in the restaurant area for lunch, were we had theeeee most amazing potato and wild garlic soup, even my girls couldnt get enough and ate all my portion!! I would love to get his recipe, must look out for a book of his.

The only disappointment was not seeing that many chocolatiers, we half expected to see Willie Harcourt-Cooze there , thinking it would be a great vehicle for what hes doing with his raw cacao. Alas no , but I did see my absolute fave luxury in choc heaven there L' Artisan du Chocolat .

Also wanted to tell everyone about my new healthy nosh find from last night;

Crunchy Curly Kale

We took it from Dr Gillian McKeith's You are what you eat cook book, although with the naughty addition of sea salt!

You need ;

olive oil
100g curly Kale stems removed (although we forgot , and they had a nice texture oh and also we did another 100g bag after , as they were so nice!!)
1tsp dried mixed herbs

oven at 180c/gas mrk 4

line baking tray with foil and lightly brush with oil
cut leaves into slices and arrange evenly
bake or 15-20 mins and stir twice whilst baking , when bright green they are ready
remove and sprinkle with the herbs (and added salt)

Serve immediately

Like healthy chinese restaurant seaweed , but much better for you!


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