Thursday, 8 May 2008

My 1st ever tag/meme whooopeeeeee

Ive just been tagged by Monique at Escape Hatch to do a meme. Thank you fellow mumster.

This is a "page 161" tag meme , were basically you quote a full sentence from page 161 of any book you are currently reading.

Well , as many in my circle know and to my circle leaders chagrin, I tend to have about 3 books on the go at the same time as I'm a bit of an info syphon, and they all tut at me and my lack of balance! I got fed up with Joshua Ferris's : Then we came to the end ( to much reminding me of my old incarnation as buyer) and left it on my bedside for now. So the main one Ive been concentrating on and one that's kept me up till about 1am the last few nights, (a mix of awe and oh-my-I-is -freaked-out), is Dr Brian L Weiss : Many lives Many Masters.

Here goes :

"Yes," she whispered. "But hes gone now. He just wanted to be sure I'm alright". I thought about the popular mythology of the guardian angel. Certainly Edward, in the role of the hovering, loving spirit, watching over her to make sure she was alright, approached such an angelic role. And Catherine had already talked about guardian spirits. I wondered how many of our childhood "myths" were actually rooted in a dimly remembered past.

Oh and Chloe, when you get back from your hols , your tagged!


Monique said...

Nicely done...

I am loving this, so many new things to boost my curious spirit... My library list is growing.

Hana Mi said...

ahhh great news, glad to know its a boost x