Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another synchronistic moment!

I don't normally do prolific links to blogs for posting content , but this has quite important relevance to my blog theme and today's subject.

I was just perusing the blogs Ive linked , checking if some are more foodie and may need to move to my new home, (my virgoan in me coming to the surface), and to my surprise more hearts turn up at me !!

and further , this one may take a little more explaining, see I did say I was gramatically challenged, so bare with me. To add to the major synchronicity here , on the blog above, "I think this world is perfect", (a very lovely blog by the way), the post below the hearts entry , is another very relevant post as it pertains to my real name. Also the sentiment is wonderful as its titled "never invisble". A great validation to me about my place here in this world right now me thinks. Thank you dad and daughter over there, for being a little messenger carrier.

Strangely I have drafted something on this very subject of my name this evening for future viewing , lots more about that soon!

Hows that for a message from the universe that I'm being looked after by someone or may be something?


Barbara said...

reminds me of the song "Signs" by Tesla... :)

Barbara said...

well, let me clarify... the line "Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs" not the rest of it... :)

blogger is being a pain! :)

Hana Mi said...

Isnt it just , everythings getting stuck!

I will have to look up that song, feels familiar.

Hana Mi said...

Intriguing words , makes you think hey. Everyone making up their own rules of conduct, some say to promote civility others say to separate each other I suppose.