Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Need to take a breath

It feels a long while since I last posted and that's due to being away for a short trip, oh and a wedding too , how could I forget! Was a little bit of nostalgia for me at our hotel this bank holiday weekend , as I hadn't been to this hotel in more than 20yrs and this time it was with my girls instead of being a little girl myself!

I have some more hearts to show you that turned up as pebbles on the beach and some others that have popped up. They seem to be every day at the moment and I have to check myself - am I looking for them or are they just there?

I also have some pictures from a great time had with all the kids on the pebble beach in Eastbourne, which was were we went for our sojourn. The only thing is that they are on my brother in laws rather amazing SLR digital camera and I need to work out how to get them onto my memory stick!

off to circle this evening and look forward to what unfurls for us all there, it seems I'm not making enough time for my spiritual life right now and may be I needed to just have some fun time away from my head and spirit world, a living in the moment time.

I so need that , as Ive become far to introspective of late. Its not the easiest thing balancing : kids ,hubby , house , 2 blogs , cooking , social life , re training , old client contracts and well just life. I suppose it all boils down to balance, something that almost comes with practise and mind fullness?

Anyway I will come back with a more interesting post and my look on the world very soon.

and that will be ;
photos of my little trip
photos of my hearts
and some thoughts again on their prolific occurrence right now, I will disclose more when I find a brave corner in myself!

be back shortly !

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