Monday, 30 June 2008

Reiki cleanse day 8/21 and Im blue

Image care of Kathy McConnell at Reiki the healing path

Well its purple day actually (3rd eye) according to the Chakras and were I am in the number of days working through the body and I'm feeling quite out of sorts. Its quite normal post Reiki attunement to feel a great high and then with all the clearing of years of debris , to feel similar and familiar lulls and low ebbs in much the same way before any work has been done to cleanse. Its as if you have gone right back to the beginning again. In much the same way a counsellor of the Psychological kind has to go through several years of therapy before becoming a good therapist, doing healing and Reiki training so to speak encompasses almost a similar process but of the spiritual kind. Its just not always the most pleasant experience, as you start to relive old habits , old situations , but with new people and new circumstances. This web site explains it very well , and synchronistically is playing a very meaningful piece of music to me and says a lot to me about my path and were I am on it now!

I realise that unlike last time I’m not writing prolifically in my journal or for that matter here in the blog. I wanted to record every moment so as to see the changes, but I just haven’t felt like it. For one thing I need control my laptop time and secondly I've wanted to avoid the intense inner gazing I do inside my head non stop and this has prevented me from wanting to write on my blog and on here. Although Ive been able to write away non stop on my food blog , so I'm wondering what it is that I wish to avoid by writing here?

As the days pass and I come back to my journal with entries missed I can’t help but feel that I may be missing things that are crucial to my Reiki development and spiritual awareness. Although on the other hand if there is nothing of note, there is no point in recording it either, otherwise it will end up full of forced words and searched meanings, rather than a true account.

Ive had a low level headache for 2 days and yet I’ve rested more and gone to bed earlier than normal, uncharacteristically turning the laptop off at 10:30 last night. An old Sunday feeling of dread anticipating the week arose last night giving me an old familiar feeling like a gap, hole or empty pit in my centre feeling arose , call it what you will, I haven’t felt for some months and I’m not sure what it’s telling me.

Writing about my Reiki 2 day does lift me up a bit and I have at this point written a whole section on the days experience in my journal. I again don’t know why I’ve procrastinated about it, as it was a lovely and calming experience and very rewarding to feel such a change in my healing connection. I need to capture it as a reminder of what I need to do as there were many messages in my mediation. I don’t know if I will recall it all in the way it happened , as for the 1st time I'm finding it harder to extract information after a meditation , but as long as I get the essence of what was coming to me , I hope that will be enough as a reminder.

When its not so late and I can make sure its readable , I will post a summary of how the day went. Its not an easy feat , as much of what is told and shown in an attunement is meant to be kept sacred and private. So the art will be to get across the feel of it but not all the content!

This is where I bid all who come here a goodnight for now. I’m learning that I need to shut this laptop down before 12, otherwise Cinders rags show up!! Or rather Hana Mi's mind and body ends up like rags with lack of sleep!

2 words, go on you know you want to!!!

1. Where is your cell phone? jean pocket
2. Your significant other? he the mans
3. Your hair? front clip
4. Your mother? working now
5. Your father? city working
6. Your favorite thing? pj time
7. Your dream last night? cant recall
8. Your favorite drink? watermelon juice
9. Your dream/goal?centred well
10. The room you're in? Kitchen Conservatory
11. Your ex? Not right
12. Your fear? losing children
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? fulfilled working
14. Where were you last night? out eating
15. What you're not? unkind cruel
16. Muffins? iced plain
17. One of your wish list items? New kitchen
18. Where you grew up? Oakwood London
19. The last thing you did? Feed child
20. What are you wearing? jeans top
21. Your TV? on mute
22. Your pet(s)? have none
23. Your computer? world window
24. Your life? scheduled chaos
25. Your mood? grumpy low
26. Missing someone? yes but..............
27. Your car? black tiguan
28. Something you're not wearing? socks jumper
29. Favorite Store? Fauchon Paris
30. Your summer? garden steamer
31. Like someone? don't know
32. Your favorite color? coral orange
33. Last time you laughed? last night
34. Last time you cried? minutes ago
35. Who will re-post this............................... my followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

after a special day I retire to slumber

I go to bed now ready to fully embark on my Reiki practitioner journey. Tomorrow is the start of my 2nd 21day cleansing ritual post Reiki attunement to level 2 today.
I opened my word journal again this evening, after a 40day ish break, to continue again the recording of the next steps for me in the direction of healer/counsellor.

This is were I need to sort out in my head this week were I record things. Do I divulge all my experiences here , or write it all out in my journal and then paste in the bits I can feel comfortable sharing? May be by writing I can help answer it in my stream of thought.

At the end of the main session we took it in turns to practise our new raised level of healing, having received visually all the sacred symbols to be used in our practise. After receiving Reiki healing myself today I felt much slowed down , wanting to be serene, quiet and take rest. I started the day wound up a bit like a cog, after some unusual events late last night, witnessing an attempted burglary at my parents home!

I have so much to say on my day’s experiences, but I feel I need to contain it a little longer and allow my head to rest and digest it all. I will then divulge all the days’ wonderful visions, happenings and emotions. The synchronicity was amazing and has to be recorded lest I forget!

6 quirks and 3 things no one knows

Ive been tagged twice once by Monique and then also Barbara, (I think?Holiday heads made me go on laid back mode) , and after 2 reminders of my homework being presented to them I thought Id better do it hey.

I dont know if its boring or Im in denial about myself , but I really struggled with this. So after reading some of Moniques (wow), I was a bit more inspired to write about some of mine, (all of about 4 up until 10:00 this evening !).

Heres the rules from Marf , although I cant tag him as it came from him to Monique , then onto Barbara and well the rest is history!!!!!!

Link to the person that tagged you
Mention these rules on your blog
List 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them
Leave a Comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

me 6 nuttydoms :

1) I HAVE to have a properly made bed; duvet all straight and in the right way , no skew wifs or twisty bits. The same with pillows and the fitted sheet, they have to be flat and straight and neat an smooth. I also do a weird thing and iron them on the bed! I know its odd , but I have a nearly super king size one and it takes too long on the ironing board.

2) I love salty real butter on bread , but absolutely NO WAY in a sandwich with fillings. BLUERGH BLUERGH BLUERGH!!!

3) I horde EVERYTHING ; shoes , bags , books , magazines , receipts , brochures , business cards and more . You name it I have a pile of it somewhere! Husband despairs of me, but I have found ways to hide things away!

4) I cant eat chocolate without having something savoury after. So its 2 chunks of choc and a bag of crisps! Or ice cream and then salty nuts!

5) I'm pretty lazy when it comes to organising cupboards and draws , ask my middles sis, she cant bare opening them, BUT , when the Virgo in me makes a brief appearance every 6mths and decides to sort , everything has to be folded perfectly. It may be my years of American retail training in Gap and Disney , but I just have to have jeans and shirts all ready for display!!! He the mans folds everything with the neck facing forwards and it really drives me mad!!!

6) As with the folding thing , Im the same with packing suitcases. It has to be done a certain way and no gaps or dips and layered like bricks! Shoes 1st all on the outer edges , then fill with undies, stuffing gaps, then jeans and trousers and then tops. All trousers have to lay part the way , with the thigh and waistband hanging out , tops then go above and the bit hanging out goes over this!

Oh and this pics for Barbara!!!!!! (done over a year ago though , blacks far to heavy for the summer months darlinks!).

and just when I didnt think there was any more, here's 3 things that no one knows already:

1) I can spread all my toes out nearly a cm apart !

2) I was once a model on a catwalk at University for the Fashion dept. Our end of year was showcased at The business design centre in front of thousands. I had Princess leia hair and a red and white striped coat to the floor!! The original Clothes show programme were the sponsors. Jeff banks was with us backstage and Karen Franklin was the commentator.

3) Glaswegian boxer "the Kid" , aka Gary Jacobs is a cousin of mine, through my fathers side. He was at his peak in the 80's.

I did have an image here of him , which suddenly became unavailable. I have a feeling they are all copyright, so here's a link to a Scottish photography firm who took an award winning shot of him.

ok so I have to tag now , hmmmm well here goes :

Chloe at Mee Crafty (she is sooo gonna get fed up with these tags from me!!)

tillyboo at 23BeechHill -Lovely things there

annieB at Overmilkwood -beautiful blog

I dont know 6 people in blog world above and beyond those already tagged and those listed, well apart from the pro bloggers whose sites are an inspiration to me, but I have a feeling they may not have time to reply to my tags!

I think I need some more blog friends!!!!

Reiki 2 day today

I return once again to my mystical healing journey as today I will be training for my level 2 Reiki. I'm quite excited as this means that by UK law I can get my liability insurance and start practising as a healer legitimately.

What do I make of the last few months of my journey , well certainly for me , Reiki 1 has given me more clarity in readings, I more accurately come through with the correct information for my sitters , although with anyone , we always get some things wrong., that's being human and learning humbleness.

What mystical experiences can one have surrounded by synthetic rocks and waterfalls ? well sometimes they can surprise you , as one morning away , I took myself on a guided meditation to the temple of Akashic records.

Akashic Records Guided Meditation - Tara Sutphen

I wish to expand on that experience later today , for now enjoy the link.

I need to get to my course this morning!!

Namaste to all


Friday, 20 June 2008

I have been given some gifts....................

In the shape of awards given to me whilst away. Isn't it funny how you only leave a country for 10 days and think everything must be different and have changed when you return!!! I do however have a lot of blog catch up to do , so that's lots and lots and lots of reading and writing in the next few days.

Back to my awards , its so nice to get these having only been around a little time . The 1st from Monique at escape hatch is this lovely little girl giving love, of course my ubiquitous heart is ever present, which is cute.

The 2nd comes from Barbara and its very nice to be thought of in this way.

As I'm new to blogging I don't have many friends to "pay it forward" , so Id like to send these onto my good friend chloe x and Stephanie (although Ive only spoken once on her comments section)at Back in skinny jeans , as I just really resonate with her posts.

Im still on holiday brain so I will do a follow up with a little on my trip abroad very soon, overall it was quite relaxing and great to just zone out for 10days, but boy it takes some time to speed the gears up again, although this afternoon was a jaunt to our local Ikea to replace our mattress, a much long overdue task as it should have been replaced 2yrs ago!!! Im soooo looking forward to going to bed tonight , our room feels all new and hotel like as we invested in a pocket sprung mattress and a squidgy soft topper to boot. Very indulgent , but a must I feel with always having back problems, although I'm sure it may have been our old mattress.
Back to my inner life , whilst on holiday I did make some time for a couple of guided meditations and will tell you more about them in my follow up, I had some amazing visions and feelings about energy and past lives. Before bed , we loved nothing better than a sit on the balcony staring at the moon over the sea and wondering about it all.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Hearts and holidays and eights

I thought Id leave a small post today and tell you I'm leaving for my hols in the next few hours and will be back in just under 2 weeks.

I'm nervous and excited as Ive never taken 2 children away before, its quite a feat of military precision with lists of lists of lists! We last took cupcake away abroad nearly 4 yrs ago, so this is the 1st time shes been fully conscious and aware of whats going on. Shes soooo excited and wants to be in the car now !

Ive mentioned in the past posts about all the eights in my life , some major life moments , some just fun and notable . The 8 synchronicity with this trip is that we fly on the date of the 8th , the last time I was away in March and by pure coincidence was again the date of the 8th , we also had seat 8 and the place we stayed in, the door number of 17 added is an 8 also! Ill show u here ;

I also mentioned I would show you my amazing heart pebble gifts we were given on our Eastbourne trip. When you see them you'll think they've been crafted by hand! But each one turned up by the side of myself , my husband and then cupcake. They're sitting by the side of my laptop and I just shake my head in wonder at them! I get them in water drops , shingle, and even a steak once and yes I have a piccy!

See you soon


Monday, 2 June 2008

do wish lists make things happen?

Stephanie at Back in skinny jeans posted a great piece on aspirations and what ours were. I answered in comments and ended up gushing my life out for a change , so I thought I would paste it in here as a reminder for me! I periodically make lists of intentions and dreams , some of them over the years have transpired. I'm not sure yet if its law of attraction or just the fact that once you've made a statement of intent , your wheels start turning that way. Or is it that once its out of your head and on paper , it becomes a more solid and conscious thing?

Anywhooo heres what I said:

Apart from bringing up 2 happy, confident and balanced girls this is my
list :

1st Im waiting to do my Reiki 2 level in June , so I can get public
liability insurance and start practising as a healer legally in the UK,
alongside that is medium ship and psychic work.

Get more knowledge on blogging and the techy side to improve my blog
sites , so that I can get better exposure. Who knows were my new found writing
ability, whilst a bit ropey in places, will take me hey.

Like you I LOVE photography. I'm waiting to get my digital SLR in a few
weeks , so I can improve my photography work. The reaction time is just toooo
slow on my normal digital. I still have my original classic SLR from about 15yrs
ago, but its my digital I use more. Photography is something that has been with
me all through my life, Im also semi self taught , but made sure I always did as
an aside at college and Uni for extra oomph to my final qualifications. Its such
a pleasure though. You do stunning photography work and those links to Matt and
Beatrice are just wonderful.

My word , Ive not done this for a while , excuse it all coming out
here, I'm going to have to transfer this to my blog I think!

The last few are to get my art going again as I have a half started
canvas, sitting in my teeeeny studio,from over 2yrs ago when I was pregnant with
girl 2.

and lastly make a real push on cooking more and eating more raw.

What an achievement for you in having no food issues, that's quite
inspiring, Ive just eaten a norty bag of crisps I shouldn't have! (oofff to
Noshtopia for some snack ideas sans chips/ crisps!).

Seems a bit disjointed like this in here, but I like to preserve things as they are! A look at the original post will put it all in context!

In keeping with my sentiment , here's a look at my WIP started 2yrs ago!!!!! Now I need to find a way to get the urge to get paint on my fingers again.

Its finding the time between blogging and painting when I only have the evenings. How does everyone do it!?

Want to share your wish lists or goals, you never know , it may kick start them?
I might do something with this , now Ill be seeing it every day on here!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Old books , new understanding

It strikes me that when I read old books I have on spiritual matters , that the whilst the information is familiar , I seem to understand it all now at a much deeper level. It may be the work I have been doing the last year at circle and the many opening experiences , especially my Reiki 1 , allowing me to have a deeper connection to what is beyond what we see and know as normal life, whatever that may be!

I have a habit of reading several books at a time, I have this voracious thirst for information and a want to be connected beyond this world when I have quiet times, (hahahah that doesn't happen often with 2 children under 5 I tell ya). When I do make time, after they've gone to bed , I love to lay for half an hour before dinner and catch up and wind down , with no TV and no noise. corrrrrr I'm getting old hey!!

Another little synchronicity happened this evening , and it always seems that I get messages from songs, my favourite TV shows and well lots of everyday stuff really . On a tangent I had an amazing message from chips in an oven dish once, I kid you not. It was very touching at the time as my little cupcake had been in and out of hospital and it felt very much like my papa was sending us some love for her. Unfortunately I didn't photograph it , but it was my daughters initials frozen together and an enormous X with chips so long,(20cm each), it had to be something created!

The one this evening was brought to me via Desperate housewives yet again, yes I know I have a penchant for USA dramas, but hey its fun and its great creativity we're watching. I'm at the chapter , last night and earlier this evening in Reaching to Heaven, were James Van Praagh is describing in detail the actual stages we pass through when leaving this world and going onto the next , (the astral plane). It is not unusual to fear our passing in this society, as it has been made such a taboo.The fear is increased as we don't know what is to happen to us. I to want to understand more and more what it is that happens , even if it is a glimpse or a hint at it ,as it actually gives great comfort to me.

Back to the show connection , I had 10 minutes left of last weeks episode to watch this evening. I'm at the part were Lynette and Karen have gone to the baseball field to spread Idas ashes, Karen starts to recite this poem :

I Did Not Die

When I'm gone from your side,

And all your tears have been dried ...
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle Autumn’s rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush.
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there;
I did not die.

- Anon -

Very beautiful and moving , its funny how some words can make you get that feeling inside , a more contemplative moment and a message given on thinking beyond just this bodily inhabitance we have. I found it very poignant , as I age , it is a fact of life that I will experience more and more people connected to me passing over . To help deal with this , I consider what we are made of, whats around us, were come from and were we are going next.

Anyway whilst I do all that thinking , makes you hungry you see . I'm off to get some homemade sorbet and finish watching my next recorded episode of Britain's next top model !!!

Gotta live hey !!!