Friday, 20 June 2008

I have been given some gifts....................

In the shape of awards given to me whilst away. Isn't it funny how you only leave a country for 10 days and think everything must be different and have changed when you return!!! I do however have a lot of blog catch up to do , so that's lots and lots and lots of reading and writing in the next few days.

Back to my awards , its so nice to get these having only been around a little time . The 1st from Monique at escape hatch is this lovely little girl giving love, of course my ubiquitous heart is ever present, which is cute.

The 2nd comes from Barbara and its very nice to be thought of in this way.

As I'm new to blogging I don't have many friends to "pay it forward" , so Id like to send these onto my good friend chloe x and Stephanie (although Ive only spoken once on her comments section)at Back in skinny jeans , as I just really resonate with her posts.

Im still on holiday brain so I will do a follow up with a little on my trip abroad very soon, overall it was quite relaxing and great to just zone out for 10days, but boy it takes some time to speed the gears up again, although this afternoon was a jaunt to our local Ikea to replace our mattress, a much long overdue task as it should have been replaced 2yrs ago!!! Im soooo looking forward to going to bed tonight , our room feels all new and hotel like as we invested in a pocket sprung mattress and a squidgy soft topper to boot. Very indulgent , but a must I feel with always having back problems, although I'm sure it may have been our old mattress.
Back to my inner life , whilst on holiday I did make some time for a couple of guided meditations and will tell you more about them in my follow up, I had some amazing visions and feelings about energy and past lives. Before bed , we loved nothing better than a sit on the balcony staring at the moon over the sea and wondering about it all.


Barbara said...

Glad you are back and found the little goodies we left you... We also both left you homework too if you haven't caught up yet. Wasn't that nice of us? :)

Hana Mi said...

ahhh yep , got my homework on a list too hahaha. You getting me all busy girls! What was it : quirks & 3 things unknown by others. Phew my head hurts,(see still on holiday in my head)!!!

Chloe said...

Ahhhh thank you x
Glad you had a good holiday.
You can join me in the search for next years trip!

Monique said...

Glad you're back and got your li'l lovelies...

We're all curious about the answers to your "homework" as Barbara mentioned. Hop to it, lots to do, people waiting.... LOL