Sunday, 22 June 2008

6 quirks and 3 things no one knows

Ive been tagged twice once by Monique and then also Barbara, (I think?Holiday heads made me go on laid back mode) , and after 2 reminders of my homework being presented to them I thought Id better do it hey.

I dont know if its boring or Im in denial about myself , but I really struggled with this. So after reading some of Moniques (wow), I was a bit more inspired to write about some of mine, (all of about 4 up until 10:00 this evening !).

Heres the rules from Marf , although I cant tag him as it came from him to Monique , then onto Barbara and well the rest is history!!!!!!

Link to the person that tagged you
Mention these rules on your blog
List 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them
Leave a Comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

me 6 nuttydoms :

1) I HAVE to have a properly made bed; duvet all straight and in the right way , no skew wifs or twisty bits. The same with pillows and the fitted sheet, they have to be flat and straight and neat an smooth. I also do a weird thing and iron them on the bed! I know its odd , but I have a nearly super king size one and it takes too long on the ironing board.

2) I love salty real butter on bread , but absolutely NO WAY in a sandwich with fillings. BLUERGH BLUERGH BLUERGH!!!

3) I horde EVERYTHING ; shoes , bags , books , magazines , receipts , brochures , business cards and more . You name it I have a pile of it somewhere! Husband despairs of me, but I have found ways to hide things away!

4) I cant eat chocolate without having something savoury after. So its 2 chunks of choc and a bag of crisps! Or ice cream and then salty nuts!

5) I'm pretty lazy when it comes to organising cupboards and draws , ask my middles sis, she cant bare opening them, BUT , when the Virgo in me makes a brief appearance every 6mths and decides to sort , everything has to be folded perfectly. It may be my years of American retail training in Gap and Disney , but I just have to have jeans and shirts all ready for display!!! He the mans folds everything with the neck facing forwards and it really drives me mad!!!

6) As with the folding thing , Im the same with packing suitcases. It has to be done a certain way and no gaps or dips and layered like bricks! Shoes 1st all on the outer edges , then fill with undies, stuffing gaps, then jeans and trousers and then tops. All trousers have to lay part the way , with the thigh and waistband hanging out , tops then go above and the bit hanging out goes over this!

Oh and this pics for Barbara!!!!!! (done over a year ago though , blacks far to heavy for the summer months darlinks!).

and just when I didnt think there was any more, here's 3 things that no one knows already:

1) I can spread all my toes out nearly a cm apart !

2) I was once a model on a catwalk at University for the Fashion dept. Our end of year was showcased at The business design centre in front of thousands. I had Princess leia hair and a red and white striped coat to the floor!! The original Clothes show programme were the sponsors. Jeff banks was with us backstage and Karen Franklin was the commentator.

3) Glaswegian boxer "the Kid" , aka Gary Jacobs is a cousin of mine, through my fathers side. He was at his peak in the 80's.

I did have an image here of him , which suddenly became unavailable. I have a feeling they are all copyright, so here's a link to a Scottish photography firm who took an award winning shot of him.

ok so I have to tag now , hmmmm well here goes :

Chloe at Mee Crafty (she is sooo gonna get fed up with these tags from me!!)

tillyboo at 23BeechHill -Lovely things there

annieB at Overmilkwood -beautiful blog

I dont know 6 people in blog world above and beyond those already tagged and those listed, well apart from the pro bloggers whose sites are an inspiration to me, but I have a feeling they may not have time to reply to my tags!

I think I need some more blog friends!!!!


Barbara said...

You can never go wrong with black... actually not allowed at my work... I used to use black, white or any really dark shade of red, blue or purple... now I have to be all "normal" and stick to shades of red and pink

Monique said...

You did a great job. That was all very interesting... I for one stand up to shout "Show us your modeling pics"..... What was the "wow" for, it made me giggle....

I need your email addy girlie to invite you to a private blog...

Mine is in the profile, so when you get a chance send me a quick note please, now that your homework is done =)....

Hana Mi said...

Not sure yet how my nails will be recieved with doing healing therapies actually now, come to think! I used to be a no colour no nothing nails person, oh how times have changed!

ahhhhh thank you Monique, I tried to find the pics , but I dont think there are any , unless I contact my uni? I tried googling.

Is completing my homework my initiation into your blog club eh lol!!!

The wow was at your 1-37 things about you!!!!!! I cant think of that many things, I must be sooooo dull!!!!

call me hana dullard from now on heheheee!!!!

tillyboo said...

Very interesting, especially the toes !
I'll get round to doing mine later, thx for the tag flower.
Is Barbara really Alison Moyet ?
Your cousin has lovely eyes, the nose ? Hmm, not so .... :)

Oh, & love the nails, very fab !

Monique said...

"Is completing my homework my initiation into your blog club eh lol!!!"

Yeah, it did sound that way huh? I made a private blog to discuss personal stuff w/ a small group, wanted you to join us.