Monday, 2 June 2008

do wish lists make things happen?

Stephanie at Back in skinny jeans posted a great piece on aspirations and what ours were. I answered in comments and ended up gushing my life out for a change , so I thought I would paste it in here as a reminder for me! I periodically make lists of intentions and dreams , some of them over the years have transpired. I'm not sure yet if its law of attraction or just the fact that once you've made a statement of intent , your wheels start turning that way. Or is it that once its out of your head and on paper , it becomes a more solid and conscious thing?

Anywhooo heres what I said:

Apart from bringing up 2 happy, confident and balanced girls this is my
list :

1st Im waiting to do my Reiki 2 level in June , so I can get public
liability insurance and start practising as a healer legally in the UK,
alongside that is medium ship and psychic work.

Get more knowledge on blogging and the techy side to improve my blog
sites , so that I can get better exposure. Who knows were my new found writing
ability, whilst a bit ropey in places, will take me hey.

Like you I LOVE photography. I'm waiting to get my digital SLR in a few
weeks , so I can improve my photography work. The reaction time is just toooo
slow on my normal digital. I still have my original classic SLR from about 15yrs
ago, but its my digital I use more. Photography is something that has been with
me all through my life, Im also semi self taught , but made sure I always did as
an aside at college and Uni for extra oomph to my final qualifications. Its such
a pleasure though. You do stunning photography work and those links to Matt and
Beatrice are just wonderful.

My word , Ive not done this for a while , excuse it all coming out
here, I'm going to have to transfer this to my blog I think!

The last few are to get my art going again as I have a half started
canvas, sitting in my teeeeny studio,from over 2yrs ago when I was pregnant with
girl 2.

and lastly make a real push on cooking more and eating more raw.

What an achievement for you in having no food issues, that's quite
inspiring, Ive just eaten a norty bag of crisps I shouldn't have! (oofff to
Noshtopia for some snack ideas sans chips/ crisps!).

Seems a bit disjointed like this in here, but I like to preserve things as they are! A look at the original post will put it all in context!

In keeping with my sentiment , here's a look at my WIP started 2yrs ago!!!!! Now I need to find a way to get the urge to get paint on my fingers again.

Its finding the time between blogging and painting when I only have the evenings. How does everyone do it!?

Want to share your wish lists or goals, you never know , it may kick start them?
I might do something with this , now Ill be seeing it every day on here!


Barbara said...

Learn Icelandic fluently

Write and illustrate a children's book

Set aside at least 1 day a month to paint (you might want to try this too)

Hana Mi said...

can you speak any at all?

ahhhh now that would be lovely, put me on the list for your book.

1 day a month, that is a good idea. Then its a un pressured approach, doesnt overload my head with too many projects at once.

Barbara said...

Yes I can, just not fluently...

I figure 1 day is better than no days. And I can plan for it in advance, if it's on my calendar I'm less likely to forget or ignore it.