Sunday, 22 June 2008

after a special day I retire to slumber

I go to bed now ready to fully embark on my Reiki practitioner journey. Tomorrow is the start of my 2nd 21day cleansing ritual post Reiki attunement to level 2 today.
I opened my word journal again this evening, after a 40day ish break, to continue again the recording of the next steps for me in the direction of healer/counsellor.

This is were I need to sort out in my head this week were I record things. Do I divulge all my experiences here , or write it all out in my journal and then paste in the bits I can feel comfortable sharing? May be by writing I can help answer it in my stream of thought.

At the end of the main session we took it in turns to practise our new raised level of healing, having received visually all the sacred symbols to be used in our practise. After receiving Reiki healing myself today I felt much slowed down , wanting to be serene, quiet and take rest. I started the day wound up a bit like a cog, after some unusual events late last night, witnessing an attempted burglary at my parents home!

I have so much to say on my day’s experiences, but I feel I need to contain it a little longer and allow my head to rest and digest it all. I will then divulge all the days’ wonderful visions, happenings and emotions. The synchronicity was amazing and has to be recorded lest I forget!

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