Saturday, 7 June 2008

Hearts and holidays and eights

I thought Id leave a small post today and tell you I'm leaving for my hols in the next few hours and will be back in just under 2 weeks.

I'm nervous and excited as Ive never taken 2 children away before, its quite a feat of military precision with lists of lists of lists! We last took cupcake away abroad nearly 4 yrs ago, so this is the 1st time shes been fully conscious and aware of whats going on. Shes soooo excited and wants to be in the car now !

Ive mentioned in the past posts about all the eights in my life , some major life moments , some just fun and notable . The 8 synchronicity with this trip is that we fly on the date of the 8th , the last time I was away in March and by pure coincidence was again the date of the 8th , we also had seat 8 and the place we stayed in, the door number of 17 added is an 8 also! Ill show u here ;

I also mentioned I would show you my amazing heart pebble gifts we were given on our Eastbourne trip. When you see them you'll think they've been crafted by hand! But each one turned up by the side of myself , my husband and then cupcake. They're sitting by the side of my laptop and I just shake my head in wonder at them! I get them in water drops , shingle, and even a steak once and yes I have a piccy!

See you soon



Chloe said...

Ahhhh those stones are lovely.
Have a fab time and I hope you find more eights!


Monique said...

Come See, Come See.... I have somethin' for you.

Monique said...

I'm swamping you aren't I...

Tag, you're IT