Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hearts hearts hearts

Wow it seems ages since I last posted. Its been a very busy 2 weeks with my little eldest off school; parties , play dates, shopping for holidays and all manner of outings. One thing that keeps popping up over and over and over is my unexpected heart gifts from the other side . They are prolific and soo random , just look at this one , its all fluffy!

Ive been wondering why they have been so often (almost crazy like often!!) and I think its a message to pick up on my meditating , self healing (Reiki) and breathing. The Planet X thing really rocked me and my little world (just dont go there really) and kind of threw me off my path for a bit and I think Im being urged in a BIG way to come back! it seems I was on such a high after my Reiki 1 attunement and the 21 days after , that I came crashing down to earth and out again with a bump!!!!

I will share some more of my hearts with you here , they are fab and I do like them , LOVE them in fact, but the huge surge of them , kind of blew me away. I can just hear all my guides and guardian angels having a good giggle!!!!

Now all I need to to is find out what this plant is. Actually as Ive just posted this and looked at the images, Ive realised many of them are done using plants. You think its a message to concentrate on what lightens my life? Namely being in nature and thinking , researching & planning plants for my garden.

Friends gardens

Even in my books , when looking things up.

Water marks under spills!

and even in me tuna splatted on the floor !

I also have some lovely images of a Japanese garden we went to recently. I wanted to stay there all day. Im a bit obsessed with gardens as weve been working on our own since last year. I love mixing tropical and Japanese flora and fauna , its another lovely hobby which I share with a friend of mine. Shes just had all her garden hard landscaped and its really cool , I can now live vicariously in helping choose plants! Ill post some pics of mine and hers at some time.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Moving myself out of darky avenue 2012

Ok so I haven’t done self healing for days and it’s probably good that I do start again. I will explain why I haven't, well sort of, I will only skim over here the path Ive gone down the last 7 days, so as not to give it energy again .

Some of the material found is lets say, a bit dubious. Many purport to it and its all mainly to do with 2012 & the Mayan Calender . Its not new information and has been bandied around since the start of the Millennium , I only started learning about it a few months ago. There are several camps on this area, some speak of a great lift up, for all, in spiritual connection, (that's the one I like the best and that's the area I wish to concentrate on when doing further research), others say it will be WW3, the more conspiricists of this world talk of world cataclysms, destruction, secret planets, secret chosen survivors , NASA cover ups, government disinformation agents and all manor of sci fi film style information, believe me it does get like that.
If you want to read more have a look here , this web site links to almost every web site and author involved. Its not all very pretty, you are warned , have your wits about you. Oh and all those purposefully scaring others for profit , you should be ashamed of yourselves. Although making comments like that makes me think,
"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!andLet He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone",
etc etc .......................

Whats your stance I hear you say , well Id like to think that whatever happens its positive and enhancing to us humans here. If not , I think Id rather meet my maker with ALL my loved ones, (both living and passed over), next to me. Which I think in terms of higher selves & consciousness we always are.

As the title says I am working on moving my mind , body and spirit to lighter pastures, so to banish all the heart pumping and hairs on back of neck stuff and reconnect so to speak , I have spent the early evening giving my girls a little Reiki session. It has such a great effect on my life and I think it’s especially important after this less than positive week I’ve given myself.

Oh and I'm also watching tons and tons of re runs of the 1st ever episodes of Sex And the City, isn't SKY + fab, well not as much as Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe !!! Yes I know I'm such a contradiction , a friend once called me a lipstick tree hugger ! I think that's quite funny, and without wanting to dilute or devalue the work I or anyone else does, a girls gotta have fun, (lets face it , for those who know me , I can be quite an intense head) and live in this world right now hey!!!

Although don't get me started again, as saying that , the Hindu's might not be best pleased with the famous stylist on SATC using her image as one of their 6 sacred deities , Shiva, on her new online shop.

SATC film outfit spoilers in the click above.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

choccy woccy berry heaven

Ok folks , I had to post this , it combines my love of berries and choc together and MAY be the recipe to start hubby onto cooking some more raw things. The only thing is we both arent big fans of ginger, sooo what do we substitute it with????? any ideas welcome.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Ginger Chocolate Mousse

What a drool moment.

My raw food intentions

Ok so I have to talk raw foods, Im not going to get all right on and say don't eat meat , because I just lurve lurve lurve a slab of ribeye medium rare with bernaise on the side (kosher peeps look away now) !!

In many books it talks of having clearer mind, body and spirit if nothing with a face is eaten , but I don't feel that is completely necessary if everything is in moderation. I also tend to not eat my carbs as much with protein were possible and long term I think its help me maintain my weight and not feel as bloated in the process.

I read this in Penelope Sach's book of Wellbeing, I think it inspired me thinking about this style of food again.

Raw Energy

"Try eating raw foods one day a week. This can include sliced raw fruit and
vegetables, and vegetable juices. Raw foods help to clean the bowel and give you
'enzyme energy'. Enzymes are living proteins tht help to stimulate your
digestive juices."

I just would love to make a large portion of my diet raw foods in the style of Chad sarno. I saw his food on the Spa of embarrassing illness a couple of years ago and thought it looked amazing. It makes being veggy quite glamorous , (look to the left , how amazing is that), and for the 1st time in a long time food seemed much more exciting.

Vegetable lasagne Recipe by Chad Sarno

Im not the chef in this house , and would need to get me hubby to buy into the idea (and the girls for that matter) , if we're ever going to eat like this , as I don't have the patience to concoct these amazing creations, but HE would. The thing is he just sneers when I show him the amazing images of this type of food. Hmm more work needed on him I think!!! For now Im going to continue to eat sugar snaps with guacamole and salad as much as possible!!

Anyway on that note here's some images of his amazing food and a web site called GREEN CHEFS with amazing recipes and visuals and a video from his restaurant Saf.

All those anti carbs , can you believe this is ALL vegetable, not a bit of flour in sight.

ahhhh see I may have found a recipe that hubby will try , as he has a beetroot fetish right now. Im also on the hunt for a great choccy one too, hes obsessed with the stuff.

On that note , I'm off out tonight for dinner and will try and eat something vegetable , as the friends coming with us dont eat meat, but sometimes and Im sorry in advance of tonight preggy Mrs FC , I just cant resist a bit of Cow!!! (See theres no way I can be a role model now!)

Friday, 11 April 2008

An oblique sneak at my girls

After seeing some gorge piccies on a friends blog this evening of her girly (and it reminding me of my little one, but a brunette version), I just thought Id add some little glimpses of my cup cake and pickle, ones sugar and ones spice, can you guess who's who?????

This was taken at her 1st birthday party , shes now nearly at her 2nd. Gaaaad dont years fly by. Pickle or cup cake???

This is a random one taken of my older one in the car with my phone camera. I think it was taken about a year ago in summer of 07. I like that its all wobbly and fuzzy , a bit like seeing someone through rain covered glass. Poor little thing used to fall asleep everywhere due to being unwell. Cup cake or pickle?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

a sneak at my paintings

Somethig a little more visual for my blog , I need to save my wordyness or my journal tonight , Im running out of grammar steam!!!!

This is one of my faves , even though I don't do the pink thing normally, I really enjoyed this combination of colours. My mum commissioned it and It was special doing one for her. I was chuffed she loved my work and hangs it proudly in her home. It was inspired by the amazing gold leaf Chinoiserie furniture she has in her home.

This is a close up of another commission, it was a smaller one , but it worked really well and the depth of the purple with the silver was really unctuous and yummy.

This is another close up of a commission, I love texture and contrast and bold shapes.

My truth and your truth

I will try and explain this the best way I know how ; One , without completely self deprecating (learning to do that less), and two , so you can understand the gist ish ! This is a real learning curve with my grammar, so bare with me!

I feel compelled right now to go back to a book I read last year on cosmic ordering by Jonathan Cainer. Its all about being careul what you wish for and how to do it safely and wisely. For some reason I need to regurgitate old material and may be gauge my understanding now that I have a clearer connection to spirit after Reiki 1.

The introduction seemed to resonate more than the book as whole and sums up some of my thoughts and feelings about spiritual life and how others move on their path and find their truth . As he discusses , i' m learning I must always be careful in never being prescriptive and never controlling anyone else's truth. It is your connection with faith or in some cases your belief of not having a connection with faith , religion or spirituality.

I hope anyone reading this blog , sees it more as inspiring and an "ahhhhh that's great there's someone else out there like me" , rather than a ; this is how YOU do this or this is how you should feel about this. This is my path , these are my experiences. Everyone will have their own , sometimes we may meet on the path and merge and find a commonality to what we see and feel. Other times it will be unique and sacred to you and you only. And what is it that I'm discussing really, you ask. Well it is your own connection with the world , universe , spirit, angels , divinity , god , guides , guardian angels , archangels , fairies, Merlin and whomever or whatever you feel is out there and can feel in your heart.

I don't follow doctrines, I don't even follow my birth religion that much, although aspects of it I think are lovely and deeply spiritual. I don't lay my life out according to its rules. I think everyone should find their own way in their own time. I think if one is a person of integrity and truth and operates all aspects of their life from love and kindness then why the need to follow rules?

Anyway that's enough rambling and intense headedness for now. I just needed to get that across, although I'm not sure Ive got it all across yet, I may come back to it. Jonathan Cainer sums up his take on this much better than my D+ English GCSE abilities can , (ooops a mini self deprecating moment there forgive me). Read it, if it sounds appealing, its a great intro into the subject. If not that's OK too "your" aha moment book may pop off the shelf and light up for you instead.

I think to lighten the mood I will show you some of my art and a glimpse of my precious girls next.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tell me of your mini miracles

I realised today that its been a week since my last post and whilst I manage to pour my heart out on my journal , as its like an invisible friend , this feels somewhat different. I seem to check what I write here more. Which seems a shame really, but I didn't realise how private I am as a person. I think Ive started this may be to help me to be more open with my truth and my part in the world and less worried about the so called shadows around me watching. As many of my friends and family know that I wear my heart on my sleeve , but yet now after my 1st year of conscious transformation, (or transmutation you could call it) , comes to its close and a new path opens . I see more and more that I am working on protecting my boundaries.

Isn't it strange, sometimes you come on here with intentions of communicating certain things and something completely different wishes to be expressed!

Sun 30th March marked the completion of my 21days cleansing , it's been quite a journey so far , but to be honest I think the journey doesn't have a finite beginning or end, I feel we are ever evolving and growing and making ourselves a new. The cleanse ended on a wonderful note with a simple meditation that afternoon, with what I see as my mini miracles. I was lucky to have the house to myself for the 1st time in a long time , as my hubby had taken the girls to the park , so I could have some time to myself. Below is a recount of it from my journal ;

Just come back in from a 45 minute lovely lay down on the bench in the garden, I started with a simple beach meditation that someone sent me via email for my iPod. It takes one in a boat alone to a little beach cove either side of cliffs. I imagined somewhere like Phang Nga Bay in Thailand were I sea kayaked about 8yrs ago . It then went onto the meditation music and I fell asleep for a little while ,but suddenly I awoke and felt compelled to look up at the sky, as I did my initials were spelt out in between the cloud and image of a heart very faintly started to make shape in between that M (my initial). As I continued to look, the M started to move in time with the floating of the music and a face appeared, (I say reminiscent of Jesus, which seems preposterously cliched, but why I would have that image I don’t know?). I was quite moved by it, the combination of the music and the cloud formations mesmerised me into wonderful trance.

It made me think of the heart image found on
KWISITAL ONE LOVE Myspace forum and also of a lovely blue Chalcedony & quartz Geode stone heart necklace I have as shown below.

It was as if that moment had been designed perfectly for me. Its a shame I didn't take a picture , but a voice said to me it didn’t matter that others couldn't see it as I was enjoying my own private moment of divinity. I don’t always need outside acknowledgment. If they lift one up and drive you forwards into joy and love then that is worth more than anything else.

What was amazing was I had asked to see a heart in the clouds as sort of jokey thing, with a yer right like-that's-going-to-happen feeling !!! It would be lovely to hear about your moments of mini miracles, let me know in the comments section.