Friday, 11 April 2008

An oblique sneak at my girls

After seeing some gorge piccies on a friends blog this evening of her girly (and it reminding me of my little one, but a brunette version), I just thought Id add some little glimpses of my cup cake and pickle, ones sugar and ones spice, can you guess who's who?????

This was taken at her 1st birthday party , shes now nearly at her 2nd. Gaaaad dont years fly by. Pickle or cup cake???

This is a random one taken of my older one in the car with my phone camera. I think it was taken about a year ago in summer of 07. I like that its all wobbly and fuzzy , a bit like seeing someone through rain covered glass. Poor little thing used to fall asleep everywhere due to being unwell. Cup cake or pickle?


Chloe said...

Ha ha.
See if I guess, it will be cheating because I know who the pickle is.
Shes a cute pickle though.

Hana Mi said...

lol, I could munch her to peices and I do, but boyyyyyyo, I have my work cut out, bless her.