Sunday, 13 April 2008

choccy woccy berry heaven

Ok folks , I had to post this , it combines my love of berries and choc together and MAY be the recipe to start hubby onto cooking some more raw things. The only thing is we both arent big fans of ginger, sooo what do we substitute it with????? any ideas welcome.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Ginger Chocolate Mousse

What a drool moment.


Chloe said...

Would Cinnamon work?
Not a fan myself as you know but it could be a substitute. Or maybe a liquor?
Or nothing at all and just enjoy the chocolatiness.

Hana Mi said...

hmm cinnamon might be good , oohhh thats made me think of may be a little chilli and go Mayan style.

Barbara said...

I wouldn't go cinnamon, it's an awfully strong competing flavor... personal preference... and if you go liquor (rum would be good) go with an extract so you can minimize the liquid you add to the mousse. You don't want to affect the integrity of it.

I'd skip it altogether or... as you mentioned... add a little ancho chili... or go with the raspberry flavor and just drizzle the top with a bit of a raspberry reduction... It's just an additional flavor and not crucial to the recipes integrity, so it's up to you.

Anonymous said...