Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tell me of your mini miracles

I realised today that its been a week since my last post and whilst I manage to pour my heart out on my journal , as its like an invisible friend , this feels somewhat different. I seem to check what I write here more. Which seems a shame really, but I didn't realise how private I am as a person. I think Ive started this may be to help me to be more open with my truth and my part in the world and less worried about the so called shadows around me watching. As many of my friends and family know that I wear my heart on my sleeve , but yet now after my 1st year of conscious transformation, (or transmutation you could call it) , comes to its close and a new path opens . I see more and more that I am working on protecting my boundaries.

Isn't it strange, sometimes you come on here with intentions of communicating certain things and something completely different wishes to be expressed!

Sun 30th March marked the completion of my 21days cleansing , it's been quite a journey so far , but to be honest I think the journey doesn't have a finite beginning or end, I feel we are ever evolving and growing and making ourselves a new. The cleanse ended on a wonderful note with a simple meditation that afternoon, with what I see as my mini miracles. I was lucky to have the house to myself for the 1st time in a long time , as my hubby had taken the girls to the park , so I could have some time to myself. Below is a recount of it from my journal ;

Just come back in from a 45 minute lovely lay down on the bench in the garden, I started with a simple beach meditation that someone sent me via email for my iPod. It takes one in a boat alone to a little beach cove either side of cliffs. I imagined somewhere like Phang Nga Bay in Thailand were I sea kayaked about 8yrs ago . It then went onto the meditation music and I fell asleep for a little while ,but suddenly I awoke and felt compelled to look up at the sky, as I did my initials were spelt out in between the cloud and image of a heart very faintly started to make shape in between that M (my initial). As I continued to look, the M started to move in time with the floating of the music and a face appeared, (I say reminiscent of Jesus, which seems preposterously cliched, but why I would have that image I don’t know?). I was quite moved by it, the combination of the music and the cloud formations mesmerised me into wonderful trance.

It made me think of the heart image found on
KWISITAL ONE LOVE Myspace forum and also of a lovely blue Chalcedony & quartz Geode stone heart necklace I have as shown below.

It was as if that moment had been designed perfectly for me. Its a shame I didn't take a picture , but a voice said to me it didn’t matter that others couldn't see it as I was enjoying my own private moment of divinity. I don’t always need outside acknowledgment. If they lift one up and drive you forwards into joy and love then that is worth more than anything else.

What was amazing was I had asked to see a heart in the clouds as sort of jokey thing, with a yer right like-that's-going-to-happen feeling !!! It would be lovely to hear about your moments of mini miracles, let me know in the comments section.

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