Sunday, 6 April 2008

My truth and your truth

I will try and explain this the best way I know how ; One , without completely self deprecating (learning to do that less), and two , so you can understand the gist ish ! This is a real learning curve with my grammar, so bare with me!

I feel compelled right now to go back to a book I read last year on cosmic ordering by Jonathan Cainer. Its all about being careul what you wish for and how to do it safely and wisely. For some reason I need to regurgitate old material and may be gauge my understanding now that I have a clearer connection to spirit after Reiki 1.

The introduction seemed to resonate more than the book as whole and sums up some of my thoughts and feelings about spiritual life and how others move on their path and find their truth . As he discusses , i' m learning I must always be careful in never being prescriptive and never controlling anyone else's truth. It is your connection with faith or in some cases your belief of not having a connection with faith , religion or spirituality.

I hope anyone reading this blog , sees it more as inspiring and an "ahhhhh that's great there's someone else out there like me" , rather than a ; this is how YOU do this or this is how you should feel about this. This is my path , these are my experiences. Everyone will have their own , sometimes we may meet on the path and merge and find a commonality to what we see and feel. Other times it will be unique and sacred to you and you only. And what is it that I'm discussing really, you ask. Well it is your own connection with the world , universe , spirit, angels , divinity , god , guides , guardian angels , archangels , fairies, Merlin and whomever or whatever you feel is out there and can feel in your heart.

I don't follow doctrines, I don't even follow my birth religion that much, although aspects of it I think are lovely and deeply spiritual. I don't lay my life out according to its rules. I think everyone should find their own way in their own time. I think if one is a person of integrity and truth and operates all aspects of their life from love and kindness then why the need to follow rules?

Anyway that's enough rambling and intense headedness for now. I just needed to get that across, although I'm not sure Ive got it all across yet, I may come back to it. Jonathan Cainer sums up his take on this much better than my D+ English GCSE abilities can , (ooops a mini self deprecating moment there forgive me). Read it, if it sounds appealing, its a great intro into the subject. If not that's OK too "your" aha moment book may pop off the shelf and light up for you instead.

I think to lighten the mood I will show you some of my art and a glimpse of my precious girls next.

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