Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hearts hearts hearts

Wow it seems ages since I last posted. Its been a very busy 2 weeks with my little eldest off school; parties , play dates, shopping for holidays and all manner of outings. One thing that keeps popping up over and over and over is my unexpected heart gifts from the other side . They are prolific and soo random , just look at this one , its all fluffy!

Ive been wondering why they have been so often (almost crazy like often!!) and I think its a message to pick up on my meditating , self healing (Reiki) and breathing. The Planet X thing really rocked me and my little world (just dont go there really) and kind of threw me off my path for a bit and I think Im being urged in a BIG way to come back! it seems I was on such a high after my Reiki 1 attunement and the 21 days after , that I came crashing down to earth and out again with a bump!!!!

I will share some more of my hearts with you here , they are fab and I do like them , LOVE them in fact, but the huge surge of them , kind of blew me away. I can just hear all my guides and guardian angels having a good giggle!!!!

Now all I need to to is find out what this plant is. Actually as Ive just posted this and looked at the images, Ive realised many of them are done using plants. You think its a message to concentrate on what lightens my life? Namely being in nature and thinking , researching & planning plants for my garden.

Friends gardens

Even in my books , when looking things up.

Water marks under spills!

and even in me tuna splatted on the floor !

I also have some lovely images of a Japanese garden we went to recently. I wanted to stay there all day. Im a bit obsessed with gardens as weve been working on our own since last year. I love mixing tropical and Japanese flora and fauna , its another lovely hobby which I share with a friend of mine. Shes just had all her garden hard landscaped and its really cool , I can now live vicariously in helping choose plants! Ill post some pics of mine and hers at some time.