Friday, 30 May 2008

The why's and the how's

I pondered today the reasons for us all walking around and having to re think our beliefs in ourselves? I'm not talking about religious ones,but the ones that make us doubt who and what we are. Why do so many of us have to have a re wiring, so to speak? I'm talking turning to myriad therapies , self help books , self help guru's , masters of life and more? Why do we not hold onto the strong, steadfast and clear convictions imprinted in us from birth and allow others tell us we don't have such clarity, we don't have rights, we don't have a say? The layers of this bombardment starts to imprint themselves into our being in such deep rooted layers ,it can be hard to remove.

Pretty big ponder hey!!

It is said , we are influenced by not only this up bringing and the people we interacted with, but of those from our past lives also. If we have continually been met with negatives , were did it start , all this lack of love and disharmony expressed by others towards us ? Is it almost necessary in our human existence? Do we need to feel this push and pull to be human? Where did this disconnect with the universe start? This disconnect that makes others (and ourselves) , judge , criticise , fear control and put down. If they express it , then it was expressed to them and so it goes, further back and back and back and back. This interaction throughout our existence takes us away from the purity of who we are and the work we do in our lives, to slough this off and re learn- or remember our reason for being - takes us back to our connection to what we came from , which is pure clear and amazing unconditional love.

I found out today that Louise Hay , of the book "You can heal your life" , has now got a movie of the book. It struck me this afternoon , the funny synchronism with actually picking up that book again a few weeks ago, before I even new of the film and the books subsequent comeback 20yrs after its 1st release ! Someone must have been telling me to have a delve again as I have another symbol of this suggestion below.

I will be honest and say that I'm not finding it easy. It talks of ownership of ones own reality and how ones own thoughts create this reality. I agree in principal , that yes , ones outlook can somewhat change what is seen. If you feel negative , you see negatives and visa versa with positives also. I'm just at odds with the feeling that its our fault that we : have cancer , get hit by a loved one(verbally or emotionally), don't get the job we want , or just have an off day. Don't get me wrong , I do think emotions and state of mind , what we ingest and the air around us all have an effect on our health and well being. I just feel there's much more to it , than feeling as we have ourselves to blame and can be wholly in control of these happenings, especially if you delve into the realms of re incarnation and our reasons for doing so.

Why the need to read these books ? For me , Im right now waiting for support through cognitive behavior therapy , that may take weeks to come through, (this is not easy for me to disclose , so more on that another time). In the meantime , to feel I have somewere to look for clues , I will continue my work alone through others who have succeeded in mastering life somewhat. As Ive mentioned before in posts Ive had a re visiting of my old demons and some difficult situations in my life , that to be honest , I don't always know how to deal with. I'm looking inwards , so I don't have to walk around with it and have it bind me and hold me tight in my being , so I don't have to wear metaphorical shields over my eyes through fear of being seen and heard. As a tangent ,I had this symbolised twice to me ,in 2 separate psychic oracle card (tarot) readings at circle this week. Both had women either covering their own eyes with hands , or with a blindfold , both figures wrapped or bound in fabric or ties and both enclosed within a barrier. A major message you think?
As stated before in another post ,delving isn't painless, in fact it uncovers things that are covered by addictive shopping , alcohol abuse, drug abuse , food abuse , Internet addiction and any extreme distraction or excess in something that gets over the top and used in order to pretend we are OK or to try and not notice the pains and discomforts. I use these as examples of addictions and not my own , (although shopping may fall into that, I blush now) , but the many things , we as people use.
I know I need to do the work and I have this weird combination of looking forward to it and dreading the intensity of whats discovered. I'm taking it all slow and Ive only just re read the 1st 2 chapters , so I will come back and report on more of my feelings about this "life manual", some time soon.
On a positive note and in relation to the symbolism in going back to this book, my lovely friend chlo , of mee crafty , sent me the heart I commissioned from her a few weeks back , Thank you (little cupcake went and found her own home for it, how sweet!).

Back to the link. Whilst looking at the trailer for the said film , a flash of the front page of heal your life book came up, well what do you think it reminded me of ?

Have a look here :

What do you think ? Its the combination of colours used together that blew me away!!!

I also found this intriguing list this evening whilst writing this post . Its from a website I frequent called Universal Consciousness , a place for light workers and healers to come together and discuss the world unseen. Quite apt for me this evening.

As a lovely end to one of my more intense posts , have a look at this from my Eastbourne trip

ahhhhhhhhhh , all that calm blue sea , wonderful , I just wanted to stand there all day.

Its very important I take all these with me mum, this is serious work!

My smiley aqua eye girl

Finding ourselves having to go through Tunbridge Wells as a diversion to get home. Doesn't it feel like your in the car and moving? Very strange sensation.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Need to take a breath

It feels a long while since I last posted and that's due to being away for a short trip, oh and a wedding too , how could I forget! Was a little bit of nostalgia for me at our hotel this bank holiday weekend , as I hadn't been to this hotel in more than 20yrs and this time it was with my girls instead of being a little girl myself!

I have some more hearts to show you that turned up as pebbles on the beach and some others that have popped up. They seem to be every day at the moment and I have to check myself - am I looking for them or are they just there?

I also have some pictures from a great time had with all the kids on the pebble beach in Eastbourne, which was were we went for our sojourn. The only thing is that they are on my brother in laws rather amazing SLR digital camera and I need to work out how to get them onto my memory stick!

off to circle this evening and look forward to what unfurls for us all there, it seems I'm not making enough time for my spiritual life right now and may be I needed to just have some fun time away from my head and spirit world, a living in the moment time.

I so need that , as Ive become far to introspective of late. Its not the easiest thing balancing : kids ,hubby , house , 2 blogs , cooking , social life , re training , old client contracts and well just life. I suppose it all boils down to balance, something that almost comes with practise and mind fullness?

Anyway I will come back with a more interesting post and my look on the world very soon.

and that will be ;
photos of my little trip
photos of my hearts
and some thoughts again on their prolific occurrence right now, I will disclose more when I find a brave corner in myself!

be back shortly !

Thursday, 22 May 2008

oohh me 2nd tag meme!

Thanks Chloe me lovely chum from Mee Crafty for tagging me. I now need to get the grey cells a going! I think I may put this on both blogs If I can work out how!

1) What was I doing 10 years ago.

Well it was a year and a half before my wedding and most probably starting to plan the where, how & whats , enjoying being engaged with no children, so we may have just come back from somwere tropical and far away! I was suited and booted and working in Knightsbrigde, enjoying the London nightlife scene and probably a bit too much of burning the candle at both ends thing also. The best thing was being able to go to trade shows for a living , as I was buying gorgeous British made only gift ware and table ware. I had carte blanche in my purchases and it was great fun, although the rest of the job was pretty stressful and revolting as my boss wasnt an easy women, so this was my treat!

2) 5 things on my to do list for today.

Return yet another bikini, get nails done for a wedding at weekend, have hair coloured for wedding-loads of grey, organise a delivery for a client, tidy girls bedrooms.

3) Snacks I enjoy. (see it doesn't take much for food to end up on this blog)

Funnily enough just like my tagger , I love little savoury bits also ! They have to be quite flavoursome and stinky ; tapenade on crusty brown seedy bread, olives with lemon and garlic , carrots and hummus with harrisa, guacamole is an obsession and I can finish a pot in one session. Another very naughty one is Worcestershire sauce french fries, ooh I fancy those now! Oh and how can I forget my beloved dark chocolate (Valrhona of course) ! To balance the naughtiness I will also be virtuous and chop my own fruit salads here and there.

4) Things I would do if I were a Billionaire.

I often make lists like this in my head! Strangely again , very much in the same vain as my tagger, (we've always known we have a twin flame thing!).

Pay all my families mortgages and bills off completely and make sure they are provided for .
Take everyone on a trip around the world
Buy a large house in the Scottsdale Desert , so I'm both near Sedona and Grand Canyon
Have an art studio/gallery and holistic spiritual spa and therapy room in Sedona.
How odd , I also have a strange thing about the design of shoes , all over old notepads I used to draw pages and pages of shoes! May be Mrs mee crafty and I would start a shoe empire together!
Now here's were I would want to do something of enormous benefit to others and society and I wouldn't know were to start. I don't have a clue about the politics of these things and some of it may seem idealistic but here's my thoughts ; Help fund/build schools & hospitals in developing countries , help fund free nurseries in my local council , donations to local hospitals and GP practises , creation of a youth organisation country wide to learn dancing , singing, martial arts , meditation , healing, cooking and arts and crafts to help the youth of our country have somewhere to go in the evenings and entice a wide range of tastes.
Oh and then Id need to employ loads of people to help bring that to fruition , so Id be helping the local employment situation also.

5) Places I have lived


6) Blogger's I want to know about

I only know a handful of blogger's as I'm a newbie on the block and some here are pro blogger's , it would be wonderful if they responded, Id feel quite privileged:

Barbara at Candy hearts and paper flowers
Monique at Escape Hatch
Stephanie at Back in skinny jeans
Dad at I think this world is perfect
Annie B at Overmilkwood

Monday, 19 May 2008

slowing down the pendulum swing

Healing isn't the easiest path despite the experience of many wonderful special mystical and euphoric moments , not all of them being of the phenomenal variety , just ahhh isn't that lovely. Sometimes some nights and some days can be tough, painful , embarrassing and down right frustrating and all I want to do is climb in bed or a hot bath ,set my ipod to a guided meditation and be done with it! I have many old fears that have arisen lately, I know why , as its now that I need to clear them. I'm feeling things I haven't for years and years, so re experiencing them at this time, rather than being unconscious of them, having buried them temporarily deep inside, is whats required to move on and fully clear any related debris . The hardest thing is finding a way of working through them alone, which may be is one of the reasons why I have created this space , so I can share and be with others on some of the tougher times.

Many of us have a preconceived idea that all healing is just harps , angels, love and flowers , and yes it can be and its wonderful when you feel a deep surge of ; wow, life is amazing, but also its about coming to terms with things in our life that shape us and its not always the nicest parts.

The reason for this work is mainly so that I can be clearer and more focused when healing others, in order to do this I need to learn how to no longer be a slave to outside forces ,whether it be health , other peoples emotions or just the layers of things that modern life brings to us ; car breaking down , encountering road rage , laptop freezing , disastrous client orders, mice eating your cereal & ad finitum....... When I say slave , I'm talking of not being able to control the huge swings of emotions related to uncontrollable happenings, hence the pendulum swings. I'm also talking of the things we can control , but don't aways know how ,as habitual behavior patterns have set in.

Ive been reading a blog about a women's blogging journey through weight loss called Back in skinny Jeans and stumbled upon her post regarding the healing curve. Its extremely inspiring stuff and can apply to many even without weight loss issues. Despite being extremely lucky, right now that is, and not needing to loose weight, well in only having to continue to eat healthily, (a challenge in itself) , I can very much relate to what she says in many of her posts and speaks to me in how I have lived my life and currently interact with others. Reading it tonight couldn't be more timely and I may as yet disclose on here some of the more personal challenges I have had. This post is yet even more inspiring in its content right this minute , I feel very compelled to connect with this force of positivity and speak with her in person.

Ive been at all sorts of weights in my later life and went on a brief journey of going from a size 0 (I had to wear kids clothes, I kid you not), up to a 12 , then during my 1st pregnancy ballooning to a size 16 and coming all the way back down again, well not quite, but I digress. The healing curve concept communicated in her post is a great visual tool in aiding your progress from the starting point to were you are now. Its not something we normally apply to our life goals , as we tend to just plod along each day and then get caught in the intensiveness of a current set back rather than view the bigger picture.

Id like to apply it to my current place in my journey , but as yet I'm not sure how I can transfer this to emotions or the shape of my psyche and outlook rather than weight loss. Weight is tangible and measured, emotions are not! and I'm thinking aloud here , what I may have to do is come up with a positivity chart using short phrases that tracks my lifestyle through the last few years? This bit I need to work on I think !

A little too intensely naval gazing like you say , possibly , but if I disclose at some point the tougher, grittier and more personal aspects of my life , I think you'd think ,hey may be this would be a good thing!!! We always need to see the sun shined aspects of things ,even if there are shadows forming.

Oh and I still secretly weigh myself , just encase I start to creep again. Shhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Have you ever done a healing pyramid?

I did last night at circle , and it was one of the most moving things I have experienced. Well apart from childbirth , seeing the Grand Canyon and being schlepped into an ambulance on entinox!

We were all positioned in such a way as to make sure healing energy flowed from the back of the group all the way to the main recipient at the front. Every few minutes the main front recipient was moved to the back of the pyramid until everyone linked had been at the front.
Well when it came to my turn , I wasn't expecting the feelings that I got, it came at me very unexpectedly and with quite an intensity. I felt the deepest whoosh of emotion came rising up in me as if to push out all the held in pain , sadness and anxiety that many of us walk around with deeply embedded in our core. The tears started to flow and yet I just stood still and contained , as if my whole upper body was being held by everyone, which it was in a way.

There has been simple tests done on healing and much of it brings it down to only placing the importance of touch on another being or a practitioner tapping into ones own power of mental thought to bring about cures or relief of ailments and illness. To myself and many others its much much more than that , and all of us last night felt it. I also slept much more soundly and peacefully than I had done in weeks. If anyone saw Kathy Sykes 3 part series on alternative medicine, they may have seen the episode on healing and the study of it from a scientific standpoint , albeit sympathetic and sensitive to those patients following this line treatment , it missed a fundamental part of what healing symbolises ; a tool to send pure and unconditional loving energy through oneself to another, something unfortunately that many of us our lacking very much in our lives.

We all of us tend to walk around in a deep unconscious state , unaware of how we hold our bodies , how we think about ourselves , how we speak to others and also the dialogue that goes on in our minds to ourselves. Those who are aware , don't always give themselves the time to relax from this state or even have the ability to. Healing allows us some time to be free from that , but also , a safe space to bring forth those things that hold us tense in ourselves. Its as if the touch of love brings a relief from the daily grind mill.

Give it a try one day , even if its only a few of you. Turn down the lights , put on appropriate music , (no ZZ top!!) and go with the flow, excuse the pun. You might surprise yourself.
I just want to send out there a thank you to my teacher for a wonderful experience last night , writing about it here this evening , has helped to bring back to me that peaceful feeling again and a calmness in my inner storm.
Namaste x
please excuse the odd word wrapping it seems this laptop wont let me format

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

These hearts and strange little synchronicity's keep following me

We had an amusing evening over the weekend with a new made up word , (well we thought it new, it seems its been around for a while already!! , see my post here on chench for more details!!

Anyway , I googled the word this morning and this is the first two websites I clicked on ;

Chench with a heart image on a sweet little blog called The little things.
Chench as defined by the urban dictionary , the name on the left side is my husbands!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another synchronistic moment!

I don't normally do prolific links to blogs for posting content , but this has quite important relevance to my blog theme and today's subject.

I was just perusing the blogs Ive linked , checking if some are more foodie and may need to move to my new home, (my virgoan in me coming to the surface), and to my surprise more hearts turn up at me !!

and further , this one may take a little more explaining, see I did say I was gramatically challenged, so bare with me. To add to the major synchronicity here , on the blog above, "I think this world is perfect", (a very lovely blog by the way), the post below the hearts entry , is another very relevant post as it pertains to my real name. Also the sentiment is wonderful as its titled "never invisble". A great validation to me about my place here in this world right now me thinks. Thank you dad and daughter over there, for being a little messenger carrier.

Strangely I have drafted something on this very subject of my name this evening for future viewing , lots more about that soon!

Hows that for a message from the universe that I'm being looked after by someone or may be something?

My 1st ever tag/meme whooopeeeeee

Ive just been tagged by Monique at Escape Hatch to do a meme. Thank you fellow mumster.

This is a "page 161" tag meme , were basically you quote a full sentence from page 161 of any book you are currently reading.

Well , as many in my circle know and to my circle leaders chagrin, I tend to have about 3 books on the go at the same time as I'm a bit of an info syphon, and they all tut at me and my lack of balance! I got fed up with Joshua Ferris's : Then we came to the end ( to much reminding me of my old incarnation as buyer) and left it on my bedside for now. So the main one Ive been concentrating on and one that's kept me up till about 1am the last few nights, (a mix of awe and oh-my-I-is -freaked-out), is Dr Brian L Weiss : Many lives Many Masters.

Here goes :

"Yes," she whispered. "But hes gone now. He just wanted to be sure I'm alright". I thought about the popular mythology of the guardian angel. Certainly Edward, in the role of the hovering, loving spirit, watching over her to make sure she was alright, approached such an angelic role. And Catherine had already talked about guardian spirits. I wondered how many of our childhood "myths" were actually rooted in a dimly remembered past.

Oh and Chloe, when you get back from your hols , your tagged!

A new food blog is born

Totally not spiritual , but yet may be eating can be somewhat a sensory journey in mind , body and spirit. Soooo I just had to do a food one and help clean up my act here and simplify my themes, do I talk food or paranormal?!!

Pop along to my Nosh of love blog for a nose. Strangely though, I chose a design that's kind of the opposite twin sister of this one, as in the colours are the negative of this one if you get my drift. Also whilst transferring all the appropriate blogs Ive linked on here to there, I checked out the 1st one that I wanted to move, have a look at becoming a foodie , (her image at the top is so beautifully ethereal and I love her writing style) and found that I have used the same theme! Granted there are only a few to choose from in here as a basic start to blogging , but with all the myriad of possibilities.................

A day full of synchronicity!

Little "synchronisms"

OK so I don't know what every ones stance is on synchronicity, and I normally log them in that journal I mentioned, as sometimes I think if you tell everyone , it almost sounds as if you've made them up , or at the very least looking for things and creating explanations after. A little bit like bible code critics.

Here's the definition I found on the free dictionary online and here is a link to website Energetic Science ministries for some more explanations and were I found the diagram above.

This morning I got some funny little ones, but they aren't always the easiest to express to others. Often they symbolise meanings that pertain to just you and your friends and family, and would mean nothing to an outsider. Other times they are quite grandiose and amazing and make anyone go WOW.

Today Id say the ones that happened were on a sort of mediumish level, if they can be graded that is! I don't mean to denigrate their importance in ones life, I just feel sometimes they are noteworthy and other times , well, they just give you an inner chuckle.

Anyways here goes mine today so far

I was searching around daily blog tips for ideas on how to improve my new blog, (as you do as a rookie) and happened upon this post about fonts. After a call to a friend I decided to look on the website linked and have a looksie at the fonts I like. I studied typography at college for a while and was dead certain I wanted to be a graphic designer, anyway that's off topic for now!
I looked into the section on handwritten style fonts and opened the page. Well when I scanned down , I noticed that the name of the person I had just spoken to was the names used for the fonts, well his surname on one and his first name was on another. Ive also just noticed that whilst linking it to this page, there's a heart symbol and a number 8 , a very significant number for me and major life events, (more on that another time), used in a font title on the very same page. See told you - mediumish level!
The second one may take a little explaining , but its at this moment I have to go and retrieve the littlest pickle from her daily cot slumber or she wont go to bed this evening!

Ok back, I think my overuse of msn and chat forums for the last 4yrs of motherdom has rubbed of into my writing style!

Back to the second synchronystic happening. Not long before my second littlest pickle was born nearly 2yrs ago, ( a few days I think), my husband and I had a rather heated and lengthy discussion about circumcision and the use of anaesthetic if we had a boy. I wont go into anymore detail here about that , as its a rather emotive subject and again off topic , but just that the subject has relevance to this particular happening.
Today I was catching up with my sky+ episodes of Desperate Housewives. The character Bri Hodge and her husband , were having a disagreement about circumcision over there grandson/son. (Warning for those in UK , some spoilers here if you haven't seen last weeks episode). He was against it and she was for. Anyway cutting to near the end of the episode , Bri walks back in , having done the deed behind his back at someone Else's bris, (as you do!), hands the baby to Orsen in the kitchen and mentions in passing that his sons Hebrew name is now Simchah. Well which little pickle do you think shares the same Hebrew name!!!!
Id love to hear any other great "synchronisms" out there, so leave your messages.

Monday, 5 May 2008

To journal or not to journal

I realised this evening that I haven't been doing any journal entries the last 2 weeks or more. It seemed I had so much to get out of my system in terms of my own personal spiritual journey and now its dropped a gear or two for now. I had Intentions of making it a routine thing in my life, making sure to note all the paranormal and spiritual happenings and started it the day before starting my Reiki journey 2months ago . The happenings seem to have lessened somewhat, but despite this, in my circle evenings every week, my connection is good and clear, if not better than ever before , well for now anyway, spirit can decide at any time to change things and change the frequency so to speak and therefore make it harder to connect. Have to work for what we love sometimes hey, just to make sure we still love it!!

I'm thinking may be Ive had to step back a bit , as I haven't been finding it easy to integrate all that intense (but wonderful) journey of healing, medium ship and physic connection into being a mum of 2 very young girls, a housewife & finish my last interior contract. We also have a holiday abroad in a few weeks and no summer clothes due to a body that's lost loads of weight and 2 others that have done the total opposite! I seem to have gone headlong into mad consumerism of late and spend my time right now ,making lists of who needs crocs, swimsuits or summer dresses rather than whether Ive seen, felt or heard the other side! May be spirit have stepped back at an unconscious request to just let me live a bit in this world, right here, right now, (need I mention planet x again also)!!!

Although saying all that , I want to keep the intention that I can work it all through my life whatever the aspect may be, thinking law of attraction and all that! To this end Ive started a new (but old) book. Many lives Many masters, and am looking forward to bed time again to uncover the next part of the story of Dr Weiss's trans formative life.

So to start journalling again?

Sometimes one doesn't just want to read or for that matter write about ; I did the washing , nursery run , and went to bed!!!

How to make things more intriguing hey without forcing it? Well that's it , you cant, it needs to flow , it needs to be spontaneous and needless to say I don't control it, the other side does!

So guys , what have you?

Yes I know , "meditate" !

Oh I must say here, I had the privilege of attending a special circle evening last week , were the teacher was Sharon Harvey, a world renowned medium in the field and an amazing one at that too. I really understood clearly how to be "in the power", (Sharon knew by the way wether we were in it or not). A term used to really feel the force and energy of the universe. The fuel that allows for healing , and that special connection we all have with the other side. It was such a buzz and we all stayed out till very very late, (I wasnt in bed till 1am!), ruminating about our evening over hummus and carrots. We also practised our new dowsing rods experiment seen at class on someones husband. Using them to show their own energy field.

ahhhhhhhhh see, there it is , I have an entry now !! Oh and may be another post to come later on how to dowse in pairs for your own energy field. Its amazing seeing it for real.

See there's that law of attraction happening in front of your eyes!

Must go to bed now for the next installment of Many lives............

How funny , Stephen Fry is now on tv right now with his QI programme and this ones about divination.

Talk about synchronicity hey!!!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

A new cafe find for me

I dropped my eldest at a party in Crouch end last week and needed a place for lunch for me and the little one. Round the corner in Broadway Parade was a lovely little find. We had the most wonderful lunch on a warm but very wet day. I thoroughly recommend Coffee Cake . It serves Mediterranean / North African food.

I had Salmon en Croute which was so tasty with spinach and a cheesy cream filling , alongside that I had a salad of stuffed mini sweet peppers and beans , all mixed with the most amazing creamy sauce. I noticed a french bean salad being served and said out loud that Id missed that one! The manager called me over (and jokingly said , didn't you see it)and told me to bring my plate and gave me a small portion of the most amazing french bean salad mixed with a grainy warm spicy coating. Unfortunately the little pickle wouldn't eat any of it ,(philistine child!), so they kindly made me a fresh fruit salad which she couldn't eat quick enough!! The only drawback was they charged me for a dish with three salads , when I had one and a taster of another. I mentioned it and they kindly re did the bill for me.

I noticed amazing pink and white swirly meringues at the door, my husband loves them , but he was in my bad books last week , so he wasn't getting any treats! . I didn't have time to stay and try any of their pastries and yummy cakes, so will have to make another trip for tea very soon!

I needed some new inspiration for flavours , and I'm now on the lookout for a Med/North African book for those salad ideas.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Something noshy at home and away

We had a great day out on Saturday with my girls noshing all afternoon at the Real food festival at Earls court. Basically it was just a huge and wonderful farmers market! I had the most amazing juice made from beetroot apple and lime and must remember to make some at home.

My favourites were there like ; Burnt Sugar (norty drool sugary moment Dr GMc look away now) and Oliver Rowes Konstam in the restaurant area for lunch, were we had theeeee most amazing potato and wild garlic soup, even my girls couldnt get enough and ate all my portion!! I would love to get his recipe, must look out for a book of his.

The only disappointment was not seeing that many chocolatiers, we half expected to see Willie Harcourt-Cooze there , thinking it would be a great vehicle for what hes doing with his raw cacao. Alas no , but I did see my absolute fave luxury in choc heaven there L' Artisan du Chocolat .

Also wanted to tell everyone about my new healthy nosh find from last night;

Crunchy Curly Kale

We took it from Dr Gillian McKeith's You are what you eat cook book, although with the naughty addition of sea salt!

You need ;

olive oil
100g curly Kale stems removed (although we forgot , and they had a nice texture oh and also we did another 100g bag after , as they were so nice!!)
1tsp dried mixed herbs

oven at 180c/gas mrk 4

line baking tray with foil and lightly brush with oil
cut leaves into slices and arrange evenly
bake or 15-20 mins and stir twice whilst baking , when bright green they are ready
remove and sprinkle with the herbs (and added salt)

Serve immediately

Like healthy chinese restaurant seaweed , but much better for you!