Thursday, 15 May 2008

Have you ever done a healing pyramid?

I did last night at circle , and it was one of the most moving things I have experienced. Well apart from childbirth , seeing the Grand Canyon and being schlepped into an ambulance on entinox!

We were all positioned in such a way as to make sure healing energy flowed from the back of the group all the way to the main recipient at the front. Every few minutes the main front recipient was moved to the back of the pyramid until everyone linked had been at the front.
Well when it came to my turn , I wasn't expecting the feelings that I got, it came at me very unexpectedly and with quite an intensity. I felt the deepest whoosh of emotion came rising up in me as if to push out all the held in pain , sadness and anxiety that many of us walk around with deeply embedded in our core. The tears started to flow and yet I just stood still and contained , as if my whole upper body was being held by everyone, which it was in a way.

There has been simple tests done on healing and much of it brings it down to only placing the importance of touch on another being or a practitioner tapping into ones own power of mental thought to bring about cures or relief of ailments and illness. To myself and many others its much much more than that , and all of us last night felt it. I also slept much more soundly and peacefully than I had done in weeks. If anyone saw Kathy Sykes 3 part series on alternative medicine, they may have seen the episode on healing and the study of it from a scientific standpoint , albeit sympathetic and sensitive to those patients following this line treatment , it missed a fundamental part of what healing symbolises ; a tool to send pure and unconditional loving energy through oneself to another, something unfortunately that many of us our lacking very much in our lives.

We all of us tend to walk around in a deep unconscious state , unaware of how we hold our bodies , how we think about ourselves , how we speak to others and also the dialogue that goes on in our minds to ourselves. Those who are aware , don't always give themselves the time to relax from this state or even have the ability to. Healing allows us some time to be free from that , but also , a safe space to bring forth those things that hold us tense in ourselves. Its as if the touch of love brings a relief from the daily grind mill.

Give it a try one day , even if its only a few of you. Turn down the lights , put on appropriate music , (no ZZ top!!) and go with the flow, excuse the pun. You might surprise yourself.
I just want to send out there a thank you to my teacher for a wonderful experience last night , writing about it here this evening , has helped to bring back to me that peaceful feeling again and a calmness in my inner storm.
Namaste x
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Chloe said...

Gosh, that sounds amazing.
I think we could all do with something like this.
I would love to experience it.

Did you actually cry at any point?

Hana Mi said...

I sobbed clo, it was like a damn had been broken , but it didn't overcome me. It really felt like a big relief. I was moved to the back to allow the pyramid to flow forwards to the next person and the friend at the back, now next to me, was also sobbing bless her and we just stood still and firm, it was amazing.

I feel all emotional just remembering all that just now.

I recommend it.

Barbara said...

ZZ Top doesn't promote healing? :)

I've never heard of this before, sounds interesting.

Hana Mi said...

lol Barbara , u know what , I just looked up some of the words and theres a quite a nice vibe. So if yer digs it for some healing then go for it I say! Spirit like a bit of noise anyway!

You learn something new every day hey!

Ive done all sorts of healing, but never this until now. It was awesome, as they say in the USA!