Friday, 28 March 2008

A chakra gift

A lovely friend has just sent me a gorge little bracelet and I just had to show it off with my matching ring that has needed a partner for ages!!!

Perfect for my solar plexus cleansing, with citrine and ab peridot.

Thank you miss at Bramley Jewellery Design

Beauty in innocence

I love this music, the little girl reminds me of my A, I felt a connection to this song and video today. The girls name is my other littles ones middle name to.I think it spoke to me about just looking at the simple things to raise you up.

Final Reiki clear out?

A little bit on my progress with Reiki cleansing

Ive come on today and realised that I haven't been on all week and since Monday have felt a bit distant. Ive hardly been able to come on here due to an ongoing situation with a client of mine and the case of a 2yr old order (nuff said!) , school education evening and of course my precious circle evening on Wednesday. Its been a struggle to write on my journal as will and since my last post ,Ive felt quite blah. I think as this is the penultimate day of cleansing (day 20 of 21) , Im thinking may be there's a final debris removal in the mind body spirit. Either that or I just can blame it on a stinking cold. All us girls have it in this house , pass the tissues!

It seems all my old issues have raised up , and made me think quite intensely about what it is I would like to do to feel better about things. Its amazing how much more aware I am of every living moment. I feel Im living immediate karma , although Im doubtful to that existing and think its more a state of mind. As soon as I think about what it is I need to work on in my life , something manifests that challenges it an gives me opportunities to re think my approach. The only thing is that in some cases Im holding onto the old way. Its not the easiest way to live & sometimes I just want to get drunk and be stupid and feel more carefree It certainly means I live more consciously and hope that it helps me when healing others, if I know how I operate my life. I am told a good healer is one that can empathise on a deep level of understanding and the only way is to experience many of the challenges that life offers to do this. I feel I have a great responsibility and dont want to be to indulgent in the self, but also I dont want to be a martyr to my cause , but likewise I need to live lighter I think.

May be a run naked in a field will do it?

What do you think?

Monday, 24 March 2008

Reiki help

I did my 1st full Reiki treatment yesterday on my mother in law. She Broke her wrist on Saturday afternoon and more than the pain , seemed very upset by the accident. I'm not sure I connected properly with the energy or not, but she did seem to relax quite a bit after. I normally get some feeling of spirit or psychic /empathic feelings but none of that seemed to happen. As I came down to her throat chakra though she suddenly said she was seeing loads of blue, which was great with that being the associated colour! My hands shook quite a bit and I’ve not experienced that before. I did the full body with all the hand positions, although I didn’t find it easy as we didn’t do it on a treatment bed and may have been easier with her sitting in a chair? She seemed to be much more relaxed after and I made sure that she had water and that she should make sure she rests after for the afternoon.

My mother in law just called to say that shes feeling much better today after the Reiki treatment I gave her. She says she feels less awkward and was more able to get herself dressed. We talked about healing not just being for injuries, wounds or illness, but sometimes how we feel in our minds about our conditions. Which in itself can produce healing for ourselves. I’m very pleased for her that she feels better and it’s a lovely validation of what I’m working towards.

Namaste mil!


Heart world in the house

me little girls room

Black onyx bought in Kolb studio Grand Canyon

White xmas decs heart & large cast stone heart from friends daughter in the States.

Random hearts in unexpected places

As you may have noticed I have a thing about hearts. I'm not sure when it started , but I seem to have sub consciously been collecting them and have them all over my house in some form or another. Strangely I now get them as gifts from spirit all over the place, which is awesome and wonderful and yes some may think a bit gooey and mushy , but we all need that sometimes. I will be sharing them with you, the ones Ive been given and the ones Ive bought myself.


Here are some of the ones Ive received as "gifts" !

This one came to me from my nearly 4.6 yr old A by pure synchronicity, she had NO IDEA as she had just cut me a piece from her play dough cake!!!

This one I found on Friday tidying my conservatory , It was right in the middle of my huge sofa, it was a teeny little thing in large space. I know yes it could equally be just a scrappy bit of paper, which is how my black and white and no in between husband would see them ,but its the way I get them and its made sure they are clear to me.

ahhhhh some nice music on a bank hols

I love this music , great for relaxing in this crazy world.

Check out her MySpace page for more right here

Sedona vortex

Saturday, 22 March 2008


I wanted to bring up the subject of orbs , as I have some photographs I took in Feb from Marrakesh that would appear to be such a phenomenon. There is several schools of thought on this. The more science mind may feel they are just the light catching the lens, but sometimes they appear on one shot of the same area and not another. The jury's still out in my mind, I would like to think they are spirits passing through , but I didn't see them with my naked eye.

Id like to share them with you here, they were taken at the Saadi Tombs located at Kasbar near the main Palace.

This is the same section of the larger tomb , one with a flash and one without.

This is the middle covered tomb

Apart from that the carving was incredible!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

So whats this space for?

Well it could be me just mulling over life and how to stop my cheeky 19mth old pulling everything to pieces , but Id like to set some sort of intention and purpose for this space.

I think Id like to share the joys Ive found in my life ; amazing places to see, my art,or others art, special people, synchronystic moments, special books , amazing food , or even strange food , things that lighten the soul & what is just plain funny here in this human dwelling we have, oh and anything else I can fit in to the mix. There also might be the odd nod to fashion here and there , Im not sure , but I am rather partial to a bit of Americas Next top model, (shhhhh dont tell anyone!). Im like a licorice all sorts pack , except I hate the stuff, bluerrghhh in a very big grimace face sort of way! Or even a a variety pack of luxury biscuits , ahhh now that's better , much more my style lol.

I think this space may make me remember things Id forgotten ; like all the photos I have of places Ive visited. I want to lift up rather than become nostalgic , as its all about being present right here and now.

when to find the time and brain space

ok so I have a journal on word that's getting enormous at 19 pages and might make my laptop explode (its only 11 days old too) and then I have this too. I don't know how to combine the 2 or if I need to and now you see a little window into how my brain does my own head in. Ha ha and im reading a book on how to be master of your mind, body and spirit. Masterful right now I am NOT !!!! well may be sometimes, someones gotta like what I do lol.

Oh and I have a 19mth old little girl running around wreaking havoc on my cupboards and toy boxes. I write this whilst standing more on my right leg than my left due to spraining it on Monday. I hear voices telling me to sit down and rest , REST whats that. Ive got washing to do, a botty to wipe and lunch to make!!!!! Oh and yes you've noticed I hear voices , well errm yes! I'm perfectly sane though, honest guv!!

I found the silver necklace that is reminiscent of my gifted hand as seen above , which takes me back to one of the most sacred of places I have visited ; Sedona, I bought it about 12 yrs ago or more in a special art centre . It has a great and strange name Tlaquepaque in Sedona . The funny thing in the website is the romantic fuzziness of the pictures! How do I do this and just show the heading & not the web guff???? Now I'm hoping I can work out how to put in pictures and links here now! As you can see I sorta worked it out!

This is an area in Sedona called Oak creek , amazing place. I need to find some more pictures I think. It has great energy.

My little dolly B is now sitting next to me biro-ing everything in site and shouting at someone posting something through the door , who needs a scary dog for the postman eh !!!

Got to go for now and sort the lunch as someones giving me wild eat baby signs !!
back soon

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My 1st ever entry onto a blogger

I have been reluctant to blog for some reason. I didn't think I was so private , as I tend to tell the world everything about me, but my journey of late feels like quite a private one and also very sacred to me. Never the less , I will try and share some of it here. I need to work out how to back date , if I can , and copy into here a journal I already started some 10days ago.

I also dont have a clue yet how this works , so it may chop and change all over the shop lol.

Namaste x