Wednesday, 19 March 2008

when to find the time and brain space

ok so I have a journal on word that's getting enormous at 19 pages and might make my laptop explode (its only 11 days old too) and then I have this too. I don't know how to combine the 2 or if I need to and now you see a little window into how my brain does my own head in. Ha ha and im reading a book on how to be master of your mind, body and spirit. Masterful right now I am NOT !!!! well may be sometimes, someones gotta like what I do lol.

Oh and I have a 19mth old little girl running around wreaking havoc on my cupboards and toy boxes. I write this whilst standing more on my right leg than my left due to spraining it on Monday. I hear voices telling me to sit down and rest , REST whats that. Ive got washing to do, a botty to wipe and lunch to make!!!!! Oh and yes you've noticed I hear voices , well errm yes! I'm perfectly sane though, honest guv!!

I found the silver necklace that is reminiscent of my gifted hand as seen above , which takes me back to one of the most sacred of places I have visited ; Sedona, I bought it about 12 yrs ago or more in a special art centre . It has a great and strange name Tlaquepaque in Sedona . The funny thing in the website is the romantic fuzziness of the pictures! How do I do this and just show the heading & not the web guff???? Now I'm hoping I can work out how to put in pictures and links here now! As you can see I sorta worked it out!

This is an area in Sedona called Oak creek , amazing place. I need to find some more pictures I think. It has great energy.

My little dolly B is now sitting next to me biro-ing everything in site and shouting at someone posting something through the door , who needs a scary dog for the postman eh !!!

Got to go for now and sort the lunch as someones giving me wild eat baby signs !!
back soon

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