Monday, 24 March 2008

Random hearts in unexpected places

As you may have noticed I have a thing about hearts. I'm not sure when it started , but I seem to have sub consciously been collecting them and have them all over my house in some form or another. Strangely I now get them as gifts from spirit all over the place, which is awesome and wonderful and yes some may think a bit gooey and mushy , but we all need that sometimes. I will be sharing them with you, the ones Ive been given and the ones Ive bought myself.


Here are some of the ones Ive received as "gifts" !

This one came to me from my nearly 4.6 yr old A by pure synchronicity, she had NO IDEA as she had just cut me a piece from her play dough cake!!!

This one I found on Friday tidying my conservatory , It was right in the middle of my huge sofa, it was a teeny little thing in large space. I know yes it could equally be just a scrappy bit of paper, which is how my black and white and no in between husband would see them ,but its the way I get them and its made sure they are clear to me.

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Monique said...

I went waaay back for this one, I remember reading it.

I had a heart moment and wanted to share it w/ you....

Unexpected Mid-Day Smile =)