Wednesday, 19 March 2008

So whats this space for?

Well it could be me just mulling over life and how to stop my cheeky 19mth old pulling everything to pieces , but Id like to set some sort of intention and purpose for this space.

I think Id like to share the joys Ive found in my life ; amazing places to see, my art,or others art, special people, synchronystic moments, special books , amazing food , or even strange food , things that lighten the soul & what is just plain funny here in this human dwelling we have, oh and anything else I can fit in to the mix. There also might be the odd nod to fashion here and there , Im not sure , but I am rather partial to a bit of Americas Next top model, (shhhhh dont tell anyone!). Im like a licorice all sorts pack , except I hate the stuff, bluerrghhh in a very big grimace face sort of way! Or even a a variety pack of luxury biscuits , ahhh now that's better , much more my style lol.

I think this space may make me remember things Id forgotten ; like all the photos I have of places Ive visited. I want to lift up rather than become nostalgic , as its all about being present right here and now.

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