Friday, 28 March 2008

Final Reiki clear out?

A little bit on my progress with Reiki cleansing

Ive come on today and realised that I haven't been on all week and since Monday have felt a bit distant. Ive hardly been able to come on here due to an ongoing situation with a client of mine and the case of a 2yr old order (nuff said!) , school education evening and of course my precious circle evening on Wednesday. Its been a struggle to write on my journal as will and since my last post ,Ive felt quite blah. I think as this is the penultimate day of cleansing (day 20 of 21) , Im thinking may be there's a final debris removal in the mind body spirit. Either that or I just can blame it on a stinking cold. All us girls have it in this house , pass the tissues!

It seems all my old issues have raised up , and made me think quite intensely about what it is I would like to do to feel better about things. Its amazing how much more aware I am of every living moment. I feel Im living immediate karma , although Im doubtful to that existing and think its more a state of mind. As soon as I think about what it is I need to work on in my life , something manifests that challenges it an gives me opportunities to re think my approach. The only thing is that in some cases Im holding onto the old way. Its not the easiest way to live & sometimes I just want to get drunk and be stupid and feel more carefree It certainly means I live more consciously and hope that it helps me when healing others, if I know how I operate my life. I am told a good healer is one that can empathise on a deep level of understanding and the only way is to experience many of the challenges that life offers to do this. I feel I have a great responsibility and dont want to be to indulgent in the self, but also I dont want to be a martyr to my cause , but likewise I need to live lighter I think.

May be a run naked in a field will do it?

What do you think?

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