Monday, 24 March 2008

Reiki help

I did my 1st full Reiki treatment yesterday on my mother in law. She Broke her wrist on Saturday afternoon and more than the pain , seemed very upset by the accident. I'm not sure I connected properly with the energy or not, but she did seem to relax quite a bit after. I normally get some feeling of spirit or psychic /empathic feelings but none of that seemed to happen. As I came down to her throat chakra though she suddenly said she was seeing loads of blue, which was great with that being the associated colour! My hands shook quite a bit and I’ve not experienced that before. I did the full body with all the hand positions, although I didn’t find it easy as we didn’t do it on a treatment bed and may have been easier with her sitting in a chair? She seemed to be much more relaxed after and I made sure that she had water and that she should make sure she rests after for the afternoon.

My mother in law just called to say that shes feeling much better today after the Reiki treatment I gave her. She says she feels less awkward and was more able to get herself dressed. We talked about healing not just being for injuries, wounds or illness, but sometimes how we feel in our minds about our conditions. Which in itself can produce healing for ourselves. I’m very pleased for her that she feels better and it’s a lovely validation of what I’m working towards.

Namaste mil!


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