Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My 1st ever entry onto a blogger

I have been reluctant to blog for some reason. I didn't think I was so private , as I tend to tell the world everything about me, but my journey of late feels like quite a private one and also very sacred to me. Never the less , I will try and share some of it here. I need to work out how to back date , if I can , and copy into here a journal I already started some 10days ago.

I also dont have a clue yet how this works , so it may chop and change all over the shop lol.

Namaste x


AnnieB said...

wow, this sounds very interesting...

thank you for stopping by my place earlier...how nice to find a new and sure to be fascinating blog to visit

and to hear the things that make your heart sing

Chloe said...

well done sweetie

Hana Mi said...

lovely encouragment annieb, thank you

Thank you too chlo me chum