Thursday, 8 May 2008

Little "synchronisms"

OK so I don't know what every ones stance is on synchronicity, and I normally log them in that journal I mentioned, as sometimes I think if you tell everyone , it almost sounds as if you've made them up , or at the very least looking for things and creating explanations after. A little bit like bible code critics.

Here's the definition I found on the free dictionary online and here is a link to website Energetic Science ministries for some more explanations and were I found the diagram above.

This morning I got some funny little ones, but they aren't always the easiest to express to others. Often they symbolise meanings that pertain to just you and your friends and family, and would mean nothing to an outsider. Other times they are quite grandiose and amazing and make anyone go WOW.

Today Id say the ones that happened were on a sort of mediumish level, if they can be graded that is! I don't mean to denigrate their importance in ones life, I just feel sometimes they are noteworthy and other times , well, they just give you an inner chuckle.

Anyways here goes mine today so far

I was searching around daily blog tips for ideas on how to improve my new blog, (as you do as a rookie) and happened upon this post about fonts. After a call to a friend I decided to look on the website linked and have a looksie at the fonts I like. I studied typography at college for a while and was dead certain I wanted to be a graphic designer, anyway that's off topic for now!
I looked into the section on handwritten style fonts and opened the page. Well when I scanned down , I noticed that the name of the person I had just spoken to was the names used for the fonts, well his surname on one and his first name was on another. Ive also just noticed that whilst linking it to this page, there's a heart symbol and a number 8 , a very significant number for me and major life events, (more on that another time), used in a font title on the very same page. See told you - mediumish level!
The second one may take a little explaining , but its at this moment I have to go and retrieve the littlest pickle from her daily cot slumber or she wont go to bed this evening!

Ok back, I think my overuse of msn and chat forums for the last 4yrs of motherdom has rubbed of into my writing style!

Back to the second synchronystic happening. Not long before my second littlest pickle was born nearly 2yrs ago, ( a few days I think), my husband and I had a rather heated and lengthy discussion about circumcision and the use of anaesthetic if we had a boy. I wont go into anymore detail here about that , as its a rather emotive subject and again off topic , but just that the subject has relevance to this particular happening.
Today I was catching up with my sky+ episodes of Desperate Housewives. The character Bri Hodge and her husband , were having a disagreement about circumcision over there grandson/son. (Warning for those in UK , some spoilers here if you haven't seen last weeks episode). He was against it and she was for. Anyway cutting to near the end of the episode , Bri walks back in , having done the deed behind his back at someone Else's bris, (as you do!), hands the baby to Orsen in the kitchen and mentions in passing that his sons Hebrew name is now Simchah. Well which little pickle do you think shares the same Hebrew name!!!!
Id love to hear any other great "synchronisms" out there, so leave your messages.

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