Monday, 5 May 2008

To journal or not to journal

I realised this evening that I haven't been doing any journal entries the last 2 weeks or more. It seemed I had so much to get out of my system in terms of my own personal spiritual journey and now its dropped a gear or two for now. I had Intentions of making it a routine thing in my life, making sure to note all the paranormal and spiritual happenings and started it the day before starting my Reiki journey 2months ago . The happenings seem to have lessened somewhat, but despite this, in my circle evenings every week, my connection is good and clear, if not better than ever before , well for now anyway, spirit can decide at any time to change things and change the frequency so to speak and therefore make it harder to connect. Have to work for what we love sometimes hey, just to make sure we still love it!!

I'm thinking may be Ive had to step back a bit , as I haven't been finding it easy to integrate all that intense (but wonderful) journey of healing, medium ship and physic connection into being a mum of 2 very young girls, a housewife & finish my last interior contract. We also have a holiday abroad in a few weeks and no summer clothes due to a body that's lost loads of weight and 2 others that have done the total opposite! I seem to have gone headlong into mad consumerism of late and spend my time right now ,making lists of who needs crocs, swimsuits or summer dresses rather than whether Ive seen, felt or heard the other side! May be spirit have stepped back at an unconscious request to just let me live a bit in this world, right here, right now, (need I mention planet x again also)!!!

Although saying all that , I want to keep the intention that I can work it all through my life whatever the aspect may be, thinking law of attraction and all that! To this end Ive started a new (but old) book. Many lives Many masters, and am looking forward to bed time again to uncover the next part of the story of Dr Weiss's trans formative life.

So to start journalling again?

Sometimes one doesn't just want to read or for that matter write about ; I did the washing , nursery run , and went to bed!!!

How to make things more intriguing hey without forcing it? Well that's it , you cant, it needs to flow , it needs to be spontaneous and needless to say I don't control it, the other side does!

So guys , what have you?

Yes I know , "meditate" !

Oh I must say here, I had the privilege of attending a special circle evening last week , were the teacher was Sharon Harvey, a world renowned medium in the field and an amazing one at that too. I really understood clearly how to be "in the power", (Sharon knew by the way wether we were in it or not). A term used to really feel the force and energy of the universe. The fuel that allows for healing , and that special connection we all have with the other side. It was such a buzz and we all stayed out till very very late, (I wasnt in bed till 1am!), ruminating about our evening over hummus and carrots. We also practised our new dowsing rods experiment seen at class on someones husband. Using them to show their own energy field.

ahhhhhhhhh see, there it is , I have an entry now !! Oh and may be another post to come later on how to dowse in pairs for your own energy field. Its amazing seeing it for real.

See there's that law of attraction happening in front of your eyes!

Must go to bed now for the next installment of Many lives............

How funny , Stephen Fry is now on tv right now with his QI programme and this ones about divination.

Talk about synchronicity hey!!!

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