Saturday, 19 April 2008

Moving myself out of darky avenue 2012

Ok so I haven’t done self healing for days and it’s probably good that I do start again. I will explain why I haven't, well sort of, I will only skim over here the path Ive gone down the last 7 days, so as not to give it energy again .

Some of the material found is lets say, a bit dubious. Many purport to it and its all mainly to do with 2012 & the Mayan Calender . Its not new information and has been bandied around since the start of the Millennium , I only started learning about it a few months ago. There are several camps on this area, some speak of a great lift up, for all, in spiritual connection, (that's the one I like the best and that's the area I wish to concentrate on when doing further research), others say it will be WW3, the more conspiricists of this world talk of world cataclysms, destruction, secret planets, secret chosen survivors , NASA cover ups, government disinformation agents and all manor of sci fi film style information, believe me it does get like that.
If you want to read more have a look here , this web site links to almost every web site and author involved. Its not all very pretty, you are warned , have your wits about you. Oh and all those purposefully scaring others for profit , you should be ashamed of yourselves. Although making comments like that makes me think,
"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!andLet He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone",
etc etc .......................

Whats your stance I hear you say , well Id like to think that whatever happens its positive and enhancing to us humans here. If not , I think Id rather meet my maker with ALL my loved ones, (both living and passed over), next to me. Which I think in terms of higher selves & consciousness we always are.

As the title says I am working on moving my mind , body and spirit to lighter pastures, so to banish all the heart pumping and hairs on back of neck stuff and reconnect so to speak , I have spent the early evening giving my girls a little Reiki session. It has such a great effect on my life and I think it’s especially important after this less than positive week I’ve given myself.

Oh and I'm also watching tons and tons of re runs of the 1st ever episodes of Sex And the City, isn't SKY + fab, well not as much as Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe !!! Yes I know I'm such a contradiction , a friend once called me a lipstick tree hugger ! I think that's quite funny, and without wanting to dilute or devalue the work I or anyone else does, a girls gotta have fun, (lets face it , for those who know me , I can be quite an intense head) and live in this world right now hey!!!

Although don't get me started again, as saying that , the Hindu's might not be best pleased with the famous stylist on SATC using her image as one of their 6 sacred deities , Shiva, on her new online shop.

SATC film outfit spoilers in the click above.

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