Sunday, 13 April 2008

My raw food intentions

Ok so I have to talk raw foods, Im not going to get all right on and say don't eat meat , because I just lurve lurve lurve a slab of ribeye medium rare with bernaise on the side (kosher peeps look away now) !!

In many books it talks of having clearer mind, body and spirit if nothing with a face is eaten , but I don't feel that is completely necessary if everything is in moderation. I also tend to not eat my carbs as much with protein were possible and long term I think its help me maintain my weight and not feel as bloated in the process.

I read this in Penelope Sach's book of Wellbeing, I think it inspired me thinking about this style of food again.

Raw Energy

"Try eating raw foods one day a week. This can include sliced raw fruit and
vegetables, and vegetable juices. Raw foods help to clean the bowel and give you
'enzyme energy'. Enzymes are living proteins tht help to stimulate your
digestive juices."

I just would love to make a large portion of my diet raw foods in the style of Chad sarno. I saw his food on the Spa of embarrassing illness a couple of years ago and thought it looked amazing. It makes being veggy quite glamorous , (look to the left , how amazing is that), and for the 1st time in a long time food seemed much more exciting.

Vegetable lasagne Recipe by Chad Sarno

Im not the chef in this house , and would need to get me hubby to buy into the idea (and the girls for that matter) , if we're ever going to eat like this , as I don't have the patience to concoct these amazing creations, but HE would. The thing is he just sneers when I show him the amazing images of this type of food. Hmm more work needed on him I think!!! For now Im going to continue to eat sugar snaps with guacamole and salad as much as possible!!

Anyway on that note here's some images of his amazing food and a web site called GREEN CHEFS with amazing recipes and visuals and a video from his restaurant Saf.

All those anti carbs , can you believe this is ALL vegetable, not a bit of flour in sight.

ahhhh see I may have found a recipe that hubby will try , as he has a beetroot fetish right now. Im also on the hunt for a great choccy one too, hes obsessed with the stuff.

On that note , I'm off out tonight for dinner and will try and eat something vegetable , as the friends coming with us dont eat meat, but sometimes and Im sorry in advance of tonight preggy Mrs FC , I just cant resist a bit of Cow!!! (See theres no way I can be a role model now!)