Sunday, 6 April 2008

a sneak at my paintings

Somethig a little more visual for my blog , I need to save my wordyness or my journal tonight , Im running out of grammar steam!!!!

This is one of my faves , even though I don't do the pink thing normally, I really enjoyed this combination of colours. My mum commissioned it and It was special doing one for her. I was chuffed she loved my work and hangs it proudly in her home. It was inspired by the amazing gold leaf Chinoiserie furniture she has in her home.

This is a close up of another commission, it was a smaller one , but it worked really well and the depth of the purple with the silver was really unctuous and yummy.

This is another close up of a commission, I love texture and contrast and bold shapes.


Chloe said...

What a gorgeous gorgeous painting.
And it would look fabulous in my hallway ;)

Hana Mi said...

ahhhh thank you for a lovely lovely compliment, means a lot. You will have to commision me one day! or I can do you a little one may be!

tillyboo said...

Beautiful colours & texture !