Monday, 30 June 2008

Reiki cleanse day 8/21 and Im blue

Image care of Kathy McConnell at Reiki the healing path

Well its purple day actually (3rd eye) according to the Chakras and were I am in the number of days working through the body and I'm feeling quite out of sorts. Its quite normal post Reiki attunement to feel a great high and then with all the clearing of years of debris , to feel similar and familiar lulls and low ebbs in much the same way before any work has been done to cleanse. Its as if you have gone right back to the beginning again. In much the same way a counsellor of the Psychological kind has to go through several years of therapy before becoming a good therapist, doing healing and Reiki training so to speak encompasses almost a similar process but of the spiritual kind. Its just not always the most pleasant experience, as you start to relive old habits , old situations , but with new people and new circumstances. This web site explains it very well , and synchronistically is playing a very meaningful piece of music to me and says a lot to me about my path and were I am on it now!

I realise that unlike last time I’m not writing prolifically in my journal or for that matter here in the blog. I wanted to record every moment so as to see the changes, but I just haven’t felt like it. For one thing I need control my laptop time and secondly I've wanted to avoid the intense inner gazing I do inside my head non stop and this has prevented me from wanting to write on my blog and on here. Although Ive been able to write away non stop on my food blog , so I'm wondering what it is that I wish to avoid by writing here?

As the days pass and I come back to my journal with entries missed I can’t help but feel that I may be missing things that are crucial to my Reiki development and spiritual awareness. Although on the other hand if there is nothing of note, there is no point in recording it either, otherwise it will end up full of forced words and searched meanings, rather than a true account.

Ive had a low level headache for 2 days and yet I’ve rested more and gone to bed earlier than normal, uncharacteristically turning the laptop off at 10:30 last night. An old Sunday feeling of dread anticipating the week arose last night giving me an old familiar feeling like a gap, hole or empty pit in my centre feeling arose , call it what you will, I haven’t felt for some months and I’m not sure what it’s telling me.

Writing about my Reiki 2 day does lift me up a bit and I have at this point written a whole section on the days experience in my journal. I again don’t know why I’ve procrastinated about it, as it was a lovely and calming experience and very rewarding to feel such a change in my healing connection. I need to capture it as a reminder of what I need to do as there were many messages in my mediation. I don’t know if I will recall it all in the way it happened , as for the 1st time I'm finding it harder to extract information after a meditation , but as long as I get the essence of what was coming to me , I hope that will be enough as a reminder.

When its not so late and I can make sure its readable , I will post a summary of how the day went. Its not an easy feat , as much of what is told and shown in an attunement is meant to be kept sacred and private. So the art will be to get across the feel of it but not all the content!

This is where I bid all who come here a goodnight for now. I’m learning that I need to shut this laptop down before 12, otherwise Cinders rags show up!! Or rather Hana Mi's mind and body ends up like rags with lack of sleep!

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