Sunday, 6 July 2008

Today I will mostly be reading.............

people that is.

Ive not long returned from a days class with this chap , the psychic postman.

Its been a long long but enjoyable and challenging day using several abilities, mainly clairvoyant & clairaudient , but we also did some physchometry tests too with 3 of Jeff's own items. I was totally off on all but a photograph of his family. I have to learn (getting better at it after a year or more of sitting circle , to just brush of the -insert game show incorrect answer buzzer sound- moments) and as a medium in the learning seat there are many!! My main teacher says there are no rubbish mediums , just rubbish sitters, mainly suffering from Psychic amnesia!!!!! I'm still not sure I believe him , as some days , you just feel like one of those "rubbish mediums"!

Through the day I got some things right and several bits way way off , but overall it was a great validation day for me. I often give the best readings when Ive had to struggle to connect with the information, so I have to start believing that in those moments as I may well have some gems for sitters.
Jeff is a very bubbly and excitable guy and I didn't think there was anyone else who could talk more than me!

Doing a class like this in my work, which means you are using your abilities in a continuous stream for several hours, is a really good way to improve and take things to another level. I'm looking forward to finding some other courses over the rest of the year. It keeps you fresh and on your toes to work with different mediums and its also a privilege to have a day with others who are clearly amazing at their craft.
I am knocked out body, mind and spirit tonight, as being "on" all day is quite draining and I really need to zone out and sleep , but knowing me I'll be on here or watching TV instead.

Anyone know where my off button is??


Monique said...

That is really very interesting. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck to you.

Hana Mi said...

The thing Id love to do is a weeks residential course in all things paranormal and mediumship wise. Now that would be amazing. My teacher tells us of some really crazy stuff going on!

Alas I think he the mans would blow a gasket if I suggested leaving him with the girls for 7 days!

Do you have things like this near you? It took some time to find the right thing for me.

Monique said...

Not that I know of....

I had no idea this is what you do... I'm thrilled.

Yeah, I imagine leaving for 7 days would cause a bit of a riff - L

Hana Mi said...

Glad you think its good Monique. Im always more quiet about this side of my life, even though its a big part of it.

may be when my girls are a bit older I can do something , if its meant to be it will happen I suppose.

You never know whats going on in your own town. It didn't even cross my mind for years and then I must have been guided somewhat

Monique said...

Can I be ignorant for a minute? How did you discover this in yourself. I mean what made you aware I guess.

Does that make sense?

Hana Mi said...

Totally makes sense. I think that may be the answer should be the topic for my next post.

Ive written a whole diatribe here and think it might be good to share it in my main space!

Monique said...

Oh good.

I didn't know how to get into the discussions for awhile because I didn't really understand what you meant, but I am truly curious.

I can't wait to read what you decide to tell us.

Hana Mi said...

Just dive right in , ask away and I will try and answer. Its great to have others talk with me about it.

Monique said...

LOL I just realized that in the last few days I've commented in a few different places using the phrase "I had no idea". Including today's very detailed and insightful post. Silly me.

When you say you are a healer, how does that comes into play w/ your gift? I hear healer and try to combine it w/ your gift and think uber concentrated psychiatry.

If you get chatty sometime, I'd love to know.

Hana Mi said...

Another great question ,I will ponder the answer and come back momentarily! (Ive been dying to use that phrase!). I need to go lay down before school pick up, too little sleep this last 6days is now banging on my head!!