Thursday, 17 July 2008

Going back a bit further

A few days back I thought it would be good to connect via blogs with other like minds, so during my search I found this informative spiritual blog. Late nights seem to be my blog catch up time, so tonight after my circle groups dinner get together (we like to do something even if the class is off every now and again for continuity) , I had a little look at it. Whilst writing up my becoming post this afternoon , I thought to myself I’m sure I’ll forget some of the things I used to do in my teens with all things spirit and lo and behold the latest post on Lucid is her experiences when younger with meditation and Ouija boards in the garden of her home. It sparked off a memory of a very interesting time.

I’ve recently got connected again with a very old friend from school and it was with her at around 15-16 or so that I encountered my 1st séances and guided meditations with our young friend J from the States. We would go and sit in his lovely rambling house not far from were I lived, with all the lights off and candles lit en masse. I think we did it mainly as parlour games, but I knew inside that I loved every minute.

The evening would start in his lounge, all silly and joky and as the night progressed things would get eerier and eerier. We would then move to the dining room were we all sat in the dark holding hands (screaming no doubt at all the noises) and then end on his bed (all of us) all laying like sleeping lions with him saying in slow tones “ you are now standing on an escalator and as you go down , you feel your whole body becoming heavier………….” . I’m not sure if at this point I sensed anything except the hairs on the back of my neck standing up , but I just couldn’t get enough of those evenings.

So at every opportunity when I got the chance I would steer things in that direction: Whether it be at college with the Ouija board sneakily during class times hiding in the toilets with our cigarettes, (were my late grandmothers name was clearly spelled out and I was only an onlooker), or in various homogenous dorm rooms, with booze and again screaming. I do remember though one evening where things got very creepy and nasty. The answers coming out on the board being of a very unpleasant nature that I thought to myself, I’m not sure if this was how I wanted to experience things in that way anymore. I remember walking away from the board and not wanting to go near it for a very long time. Possibly this may have set me on the quest for the proper way to do things, this is when all the right books started coming my way.

Ask and thee shall find


Monique said...

Oh gosh that is creepy.

Great post though, very interesting to read.

Hana Mi said...

It was very creepy, some of those doing the Ouija that night were getting very upset. I can still see it all in my minds eye. Having done it again in very controlled conditions, I feel a little more differently about it. I wouldn't say its my favourite modality, as I find it quite slow and a bit frustrating.

It is still frowned upon in certain spiritual circles, as its felt it opens a portal up to lower entities and spirits that one doing this work shouldn't be messing with, so its especially advised to never do it under any influence of alcohol or drugs.

Good to know my posts read well, I always wonder if it all sounds like gibberish!!

Monique said...

I've actually never done a Ouija board and had anything happen. But honestly I don't think it was ever taken seriously and that's why, you know.

My Mother does Numerology and reads Tarot cards, and has my entire life.
Her opinion was to leave it alone.

No,not gibberish at all.

Hana Mi said...

Yep doesnt float my boat!

Very interesting to hear that your mum does this work too.

As I wrote my post this evening, I did sense that I was may be telling you things you may be aware of already! Good for others to be able to know though too I suppose. Also good to see If I know what Im talking about lol!!!!!

Monique said...

Oh goodness, I know nothing, and at most that nothing could be perceived as a teeny tiny bit, at best.

She would show me the charts she was doing and kinda tried to explain things, but very little caught in my brain.

She has done Tarot readings for me but stays away from it because she doesn't want to see anything bad.

It was fascinating though.

She did try to get me started on Tarot, but I didn't take it seriously. She bought cards for me and I was supposed to sleep w/ them under my pillow for so many days and then meditate on them, but I never did.

I'm embarrassed to admit that but it's true. I thank her for trying though.