Thursday, 10 July 2008

little seance synergies

I spent the other night whilst writing my last post looking for a perfect image to capture what sitting circle meant. Whilst looking on Google images for "development circle" I found many images like this :


and finally I settled on this

(although my very fussy and particular mind still wasn't quite pleased!). I have another image which conveys it all perfectly and can be found on here at the very top , but I didn't dare use the image , for copyright reasons.The site has an energy I'm not really sure I like either , but that's a whole other post hey!

The seance images didn't really capture what we do every week, and to be honest , we don't really sit at a table holding hands for 2hrs in the dark, but the images nonetheless piqued my interest . I'm now further intrigued to find out more about famous and notorious (yes some were found to be fraudsters)mediums from way way back. A famous one being Florrie cook.
To me the phrase and images of a seance felt quite old fashioned if not quite a typical and stereotyped idea of what goes on in these types of circles. Our circle is different every week and entails all aspects of spiritual endeavours ; healing , Reiki , psychic , medium ship, pyramid trance , meditation, rostrum practise ,oracle & tarot cards, divination , Ouija board , automatic writing , inspirational talking and so much more.

And yes we do tend to sit in a circle , but mainly as its quite a nice way to work. The only time we hold hands is to say a little prayer to other side to start us off in the right way. A sign of respect I suppose to what we are doing and an intention to do it with love and care, (not necessarily always with all the fluff though)!!!!!!

but last night at circle only a handful of people turned up and I think "inspirationally" our teacher decided we could have some fun with a traditional seance. It struck me so full of synchronicity , especially after my link to the T-Mobile advert and that Id been doing a little research on what went on in old seances of the early 1900 this week. If they are at the forefront of popular culture right now, then last nights activity was a case of the teacher tapping into the universal mind me feels, it struck him as quite a coincidence anyhow. They really are not that much different now I suppose in how we conducted the event. I thought that may be it wasn't the thing to do anymore as Ive not heard of groups doing them, but hey anything goes huh in this different-to-the- norm- life Ive been working in lately.
So all the lights were turned down , a candle lit on a small table in the centre and hands were held. It was quite a good evening and the energy felt really strong and consistent. We each took it in turns to see if we could come through with someone clairvoyantly.

We had opened the evening doing an energy exercise involving deep breathing and drawing in light from above and below to start with , which taught us a really strong way to open up to the other-side and I think that helped enormously with our connections that evening, I for one felt like Id taken something heavy and not necessarily prescribed, which cant be to bad for just breathing and seeing light !!!! What came through I got validation for from one of those sitting , which was great for both of us . We even started seeing what others were when they were reading another person , even down to what a sitters grandparent had in their kitchen , which is always a great validation for all in the group and makes it quite exciting , who needs drugs hey?!

It just goes to show one has to approach all of this with a sense of fun , openness and experimentation in mind, (funny teacher said that last night , as Jeff Phillips also said the same on Sunday, odd little themes are showing up to me lately). It makes for a much better experience and I feel for one that it has enhanced my life tenfold. Others might think it crazy stuff, unfathomable , (even I do sometimes) , but it doesn't matter , I enjoy it , it gives my life great meaning and purpose that we continue after. I cant explain it totally ,I just feel Im meant to be doing all of this.

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