Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sleepless in London

Call me Nurse Hana! Wherever I look there's a little ill person , oh and big one in our bed right now, as he was struck down last night with the flu which has seen an unexpected increase this year. I don't know who to look after first,but thoughtfully we've got ill in sequence , giving me a chance to get a bit better before having to do all night vigils with the other half of my little family! Talking of my reference to Sleepless in Seattle in my title, remember the character Walter and his bedside , well by my bedside has on it everything but the kitchen sink ! I'm even looking at buying a humidifier this weekend!

Ive not been able to post much again , but having the shivers and sleeplessness for days on end and then it being passed around our four walls has left me needing much rest, haaaa but how to get it in a house of ills! The bed has been my companion alongside my laptop! Ive even had to miss my beloved development circle this week, something I'm loathe to do , but it had to be. I did manage to join the twitter community last week though and have very quickly met with some really interesting and inviting people and many following a similar path. The only thing is its just another addiction I will have to watch out for, as being at home for so long has given me much opportunity for hovering !

I'm thinking all this time at home will mean I come whooshing up next week ,as all we've done is languish around in pj's and eat fruit and drink water, yey for the papaya! Its just the best when you can no longer eat citrus from having a raw throat and its also good for settling the stomach. Id love to have given every one in the house a lot more Reiki than Ive done , but haven't had the strength and Ive needed to rest when I can. Ive been pondering on the possibility that the healing crisis comes on sooner, possibly, if one does self healing amidst the worst of the symptoms?

Right now at my laptop is my little pickle covering me in play doh, soggy tissues and half eaten fruit! The little cupcake however is covering the whole kitchen in play doh! I myself will have to find some small pleasures to get through another day at home, (a nice lunch treat?), apart from the doctors I haven't seen society since last Wednesday, so I'm assuming the world hasn't ended yet! Ive had no time to organise anything for Chanukah at my sisters, and only less than a week to sort clothes and loads more for our Family New years trip to Miami & the Keys next week. Its going to be busy the next coming few days!

Be back soon when we banish the ills!

What do you do with self healing and certain illness, can it increase the symptoms before improvement?

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