Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Chrismakah tapping central

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Little cupcake is revisiting her Tornado hell ,(I have my nephew to thank again, hes such a doom merchant, but who can put down an amazing creative mind!), and Ive spent every night this week pulling out all my tricks. Ive done Reiki, the psychiatrists acknowledge/distract technique and the last 2 nights she's had miraculous relief from EFT - "even though tornado's are scary , I am safe , calm and secure"- tap tap tap. I didn't quite know what else to use as the statement, but it seemed to work wonders and she was calm (& laughing), in a few minutes from all out banshee screaming and terror. She whips her visual creative mind into a frenzy over these things poor little one, boy does she take after her mum. Who me?

We'll have a big change of scenery , for the 1st time ever this time of year, as were off off and away from the old blighty in under 48hrs to hot sunny Miami beach! Were all in need of some sun, having had a wash out summer and then 2week of flu and infection in this little house! Thank gawd were all nearly over that ,I bet he the mans wishes my voice was still gone though! This holiday will also mark the anniversary of little cupcakes nasty time last year culminating in surgery. It was round this date that she started to finally recover, shes come a long long way since then, such a miraculous difference for her in her short little life. Its all behind us now and we need to make sure we remind ourselves of the gift of modern medicines and treatments despite my sadness at the amount of drugs and nasty things she had to ingest month after month.

We have a huge "Chrismakah" lunch out tomorrow, near the city , with my family and my sisters boyfriends family too, (all 22 of us) , hmmmm , parents meeting parents, intriguing? Hes also taking her on a secret destination for a romantic trip, more hmmm!! I will probably be asked to do readings for everyone at some point, (my sisters Bf is always asking), may be not such a good idea after egg nog and all that , but I always take my cards with me everywhere. I bought a wonderful new set last week , the Godess guidance Oracle and they've been so accurate and on target I love them.

We've been packing all afternoon and it feels like Im trying to squeeze an elephant into a pair of tights with all the stuff were taking. I mean how many clothes , shoes , toiletries and bits of I- dont -know- what, do we need! Im sooo a Jewish girl when it comes to going away! My sister the ever efficient and compact one is amazed at my capsule shoe wardrobe for the trip, only 7 pairs as apposed to my usual 12!!! Im much to matchy matchy for my own good. Its something I need to learn to calm down from, appearance is far to much for me! As my friend coined many years ago , Im a lipstick tree hugger!!

I have to have new tunes when going away, it seems to help set the road trip tone to it all and helps in my insights and inner work, which flow much more easily when away from my normal routine. I'm busy adding Cd's to itunes and then my iPod, mainly Reiki ones, so amongst all the mayhem that is holidays abroad with kids and all of us on top of each other, I will find some peace.

On Monday a few from our development circle got together and later on in the evening all the lights were turned out and we sat at the table and had a mini seance. It started off as nothing out of the ordinary and then suddenly white balls of light were flashing on her ceiling , we all sat there trying to check ourselves ; was it a car? is there some equipment with a light flash? No, none of those. It was amazing and the whole other half of the room kind of vibrated and zig zagged with energy.

We ended the night by smudging the room with Nag champa incense asking for the energy build up to go back to Gaia and the Universe, as the dweller of the house needed to get to sleep! The room was full of others from the realms unseen coming for a chat and a nose at her dining table!

I will be back in a few weeks with some new posts that I have waiting in the wings and need some more work. I will probably spend much of my holiday reflecting on all that has happened in the last 365 days. I hope I have a notebook handy whilst there, I have quite a few things to prepare for in January; some help for me and help for others far more in need than I . Whilst away I may even find a way to get on too twitter, oh don't be silly of course I will!!

Hope whoever reads my blog has a great holiday time and a good break, Happy New year , Happy Chanukah.

What will you be reflecting on?

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Monique said...

Poor li'l Cupcake...

Hope you and yours have a safe and happy new year's.