Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New York Synchronicity

Ok so I haven't written in here again for some time and its simply that I haven't felt spiritual of late and I really didn't want to turn this into some Ive-heard-it-all before kind of boring blog that just makes people click straight out, are you the next one,I hope not!! Ive been avoiding writing , as Im a normal kind of gal , not a guru of anything , but a deep interest in many areas of life. Some of them very philosophical & important; Reiki , meditation and new science, to name but a few. Some of them just fun life ; gourmet food, movies , restaurants and of course fashion.

If your not clicking out right now, Im most humbled that you are reading about my life and experiences and my unsusual jumble. With spirituality , I feel it has to be spontaneous and not forced , so Im loathed to push things just to write about them otherwise for me it wont be from a real heartfelt place. With regards to my often spiritual hiatuses Im not sure if its all the layers of my current life ; As all of us mums, I juggle the hats I spoke of in the previous post : parenting duties, wifely duties, Reiki hospice work , Mediumship development work, mind work and also the continuing investigations into my eldest kidneys; they seem to like making themselves bigger and she likes her frequent visits to hospital for infections! Great Ormond St Hospital is my second home some weeks! With all this combined I think Ive just totally taken my eye off the spiritual orb!

So Ive gone to New York this weekend for our hedonists foody fashion 10yr wedding anniversary trip sans kidlets and Im minding my tomato juice and pretzel offerings at 30'000 ft along with my very intriguing new book called Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. It was around the 1st few pages that I started to notice a sudden series of synchronistic happenings. For the 1st time in months I had time to just be and in that space I suppose the messages of connection to all things came through. It seemed something or someone , (my higher self ?),wanted me to have a giggle and some joy come my way. I may have mentioned before that my belief system on synchronicity is that a) Ive been here before and Ive left some tree marks along the path (as in Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch ) or b) I'm in the right place at the right time and its very auspicious.

So there I am with my tom juice and some me time for some hours and Im on the 1st few pages of a magazine, now for some this may seem a bit frivolous and silly , but it was a sign, a shallow fashion sign , but a sign!: I went to great lengths before leaving for this trip to find the perfect shoe to match a dress Id taken for one of our evenings , a version of a louboutin shoe no less and as I turn the 1st page I open an image of the very shoe that mine had been modelled on. All the days previously I had searched high and lo online for this over and over!!

Black Gardenia Satin Platform

Now many of you may be thinking nahhhhh cobblers -excuse the pun- how can that be anything of meaning or substance , but wait , this was the start of a cascade of little synchronicities that went on for the 4days I was there . I remember rushing after the 4th one to get some paper out of my bag , as I just had to start recording them. I knew with my sieve brain that I would not remember them! So here in order, if you wish to peruse, is the rest of them;

2) So Im watching something light and silly, sort of, with it being "Hes not that into you" , (how slow & painful is that film!!) and one of the main female characters, played by Jennifer Conolly, is having her house remodelled and there's a scene shot in the kitchen discussing the; will he, wont he call. Behind them was a wall of ovens and cupboards all covered in clear cellophane, a scene very familiar in my very own house a few weeks back!

Kitchen scene from "Hes not that into you". Image from OutNow-CH

3)One of the Characters names is Janine and the last person I spoke with before boarding was my friend of the same name!

4) As we're finally able to take our seat belts of , I notice a familiar face come towards the amenities , she looks exactly like the last patient I treated at the hospice. This patient had some very bad news and I havent seen her for some weeks now.

5) As we're landing in JFK and I mean coming down on the tarmac , I turn to chapter 3 of my book, the opening lines of which are ; "On the other side of the world, Alexander cold was arriving in New York"!

6) The morning after we land , we take a taxi across town for breakfast, as we stop and start through Soho we're talking about a Ted Baker dress Ive brought with and lo and behold on my right as we stop is that very shop! Now even he the mans noticed this one , and normally hes so not into these things at all!

7) So we've gone to Big Daddy's , as recommended by our hotel , for breakfast for our first full American breakfast fill up of the trip, (yes I eat a load of ole crapola sometimes)! As we're walking towards it on the corner we notice that we're right at the door of City Crab. This holds dear to he the mans and I, as it was the place of a very memorable night , (the night before he proposed!). We had a lovely evening together there more than 10yrs ago in New York! There is a picture in our conservatory of us there and we talked of it just before leaving. We had NO idea Big Daddy's was on the same road in the same area two doors down!

City Crab 2 doors from Big Daddy's

8) As were finishing our meal , I look over to a family of 3 who have been seated , I cant take my eyes of their little girl as she looks just like my littlest, but a few years older , its uncanny. So as we leave Im compelled to go over and say so , showing my mobile image of my two girls to them and they too are shocked at the resemblance. They ask where we're from , and we realise in conversation that last night we happen to have been on the same flight coming in from London!!

9) We were talking about going back to Miami at some point with our children and at the time we were taking a taxi accross town. Lo and behold we look up to see at that very moment a HUGE billboard of an advert for the Fontainebleau Miami! Ive subsequently found out that friends of my sisters are there this very minute!

10) On our last morning , we take a taxi to South Street Seaport and on the floor is some Taxi documents stating that this is cab no 8, my very very auspicious and lucky no!

11) As we eat breakfast there , I look over to find directly across from me is a Jewellery stand called HANAMI, the name I use on here!!

12) Now this one is a little bit tenuous , but never the less it was a near almost ish connection . So Im continuing my book and I come upon another chapter. This time the characters are landing in NYC at 5:45 , and as it so happens weve just landed in LONDON (ok heres where we loose some of the connection) and JUST stopped at the gate at 4:45!

and there we are , you may think many of this happen chance, Ive made them up or that anyone can read and link anything together that they wish to connect to their lives , but it was their juxtaposition in such a short space of time that blew me away.

Whats your take on these events? How do you feel about these co joined happenings in your own life? When do you most notice them?


HeatherRemembers said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!! Found your blog through Twitter. Thank You for that wonderful recounting of your synchronicities! I had tingles going up and down my spine as I read. (Which was very enjoyable!) Isn't it Wonderful when the Universe gives us a sign in such an undeniable way that it's responding to us??? Love your words, your writing and your expression. XXX

Hana Mi said...

Thank you for your lovely message on my post Heather and for taking the time to read it. Im so glad you enjoyed it , I was wondering if anyone did read my blog at all!

It is amazing when these things happen, I get blown away by such strong connections, its as if Im being directly communicated with! I have to write it down so I can see it really happened that way!

Have you had any experiences like this?

Id love to read your blog if I may?

Hope to catch you on twitter hey!